bar cart inspiration

Thursday, May 29, 2014

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i really really want a bar cart, but we have no extra room in our apartment. like none. if i bring a book home, one book has to leave. it's that serious. one day i will live in an apartment/home big enough to hold a cart chock-a-block full of booze, but until that day there is pinterest.

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the blues

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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yesterday i had the monday blues. nothing super serious, but i just fell blah for most of the day. work seemed to drag on, and the AC unit in our building went out. as the temps rose higher and higher, so did my patience. i wasn't quite at the point where i was feeling miserable and sorry for myself, but i felt flat lined. like that emoji with the straight, unamused face.

when i got home from work, i putzed around the apartment for a while doing this or that, but the funk continued to hang over me. i realized that staying inside would not help anything so i nixed going to the gym and instead headed outside to let the fresh air clear my mind. it was a beautiful day and going for a walk slowly helped me release my weird energy. after my walk i went to small group and hung out with some really great girls who encouraged me just by their mere presence. i had debated going at all (blame the weird funk), but i'm so glad i did. we had a good discussion and it was nice to be in the company of peers. after small group i caught the end of my boyfriend's church softball game and we celebrated their big win over a cookout milkshake.

what i've learned about "the funk" is that it is inevitable. it comes on without warning and totally messes with my mind. but i've also learned that i can't wallow in it because that's when it really gets me stuck like quicksand. i've got to make a move and do something productive. for me yesterday, that first step was going for a walk which led me to go to going to small group which led me to a mini date with my boy. sometimes it means getting to work at my craft table. sometimes i have to get out of the house and do errands. what helps you out of your funk when you find yourself in one? help a girl out because i know we've all been there before, and i know we'll all be there again!

everyday moments

Thursday, May 15, 2014

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one awesome thing about this blog world is that you get to "meet" some really cool people. i met kiki through the etsy swap i did a few months ago, and she was sweet enough to ask me to guest post for her series "everyday moments". her blog is really cool and is filled with all sorts of fun posts and links and great words of encouragement. we have emailed back and forth a ton, and she is always so sweet in her responses. she actually takes the time to respond thoughtfully to emails i have sent her. that speaks volumes in this day and age of quick replies and one word answers.

head on over to see my guest post and take the time to browse around her blog. lots of fun things to read and see! thank you, kiki! so much fun getting to know you.


Monday, May 12, 2014

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hey all! just a quick post today to let you guys know about a giveaway samantha at elah tree is doing with a piece of my jewelry! samantha has an amazing blog and runs a fabulous etsy shop. i have been enjoying getting to know her through our emails and from reading her fun posts. she is a sweet girl and super talented to boot! she made an awesome sidebar button for my blog (see on right side) as well as an amazing new banner for my etsy shop. i am way impressed with her work. i would have tried and failed miserably to make those things on my own. thank you, samantha!

head on over to her blog for a chance to win and stick around and get to know samantha while you're there. happy monday! 

what didn't make it to instagram

Friday, May 9, 2014

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happy friday! here's another roundup of pictures that didn't make it to my insta feed. i know you guys are just dying to see. (i know you're not really. i care more about this series than anyone, but maybe you could pretend? just for a minute?)

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top left: my friend emily's new puppy zeke. everything about him.
top right: my boy and i at opening night for the durham bull's baseball season
bottom left: pear blossom petals make great sidewalk confetti
bottom right: dinner at hominy grill in charleston, sc

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top left: game face before the cooper river bridge run
top right: the best coffee place we stumbled upon. coffee collective in mount pleasant, sc.
bottom left: parliament coffee bikes in redlands, ca
bottom right: orange groves for days

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top left: ootd in california
top right: lunch at the back abbey for duck fat fries. just say yes.
bottom left: ring for chocolate? whatever you say.
bottom right: i built a tent in our living room for my boyfriend's birthday. he's the coolest guy i know.

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top left: naps
top right: nature walk
bottom left: durham, north carolina. the city that i love.
bottom right: first day out at the pool. tan, little legs, tan!

what's going on in your non-instagram world? tell!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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linking up with jenna and anne today for a fun "currently" post.

cooking : i've been making lots of non-lettuce salads lately. i mix up red peppers, avocados, chickpeas, black beans, water chestnuts, carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, sesame seeds, baked chicken and season it up with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and sesame oil. it is the best tasting salad around! super healthy but very filling and energizing.

reading : two books are currently on my night stand. in the grip of grace by max lucado and the ghost at the table by suzanne berne

wearing : jean shorts and button downs with my yellow strappy sandals. i am loving this easy combination. it's so comfortable and super cute to boot. can't beat it.

loving : this gorgeous spring weather! north carolina summers have a bad reputation for being muggy city, so i am trying to take advantage of the cool mornings and warm afternoons before the humidity hits us.

anticipating : beach trips this summer. i can't wait to play in the waves and set up my beach chair in the sand and catch some rays. my dad gave me his old surfboard a few months ago, so i really want to get that thing in the water and give it a go! i think i'll probably end up just getting pummeled by the waves, but i'm determined to catch at least one good ride.

head over to their link-ups here and here to see what other fellows bloggers are "currently" digging!

may mix

Monday, May 5, 2014

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happy may! this month is already off to a good start. the weather has been an absolute dream. right now i've got my porch door open wide and the cool breeze is running through my apartment. it is so refreshing and welcome after the long winter months. this month means outdoor concerts, a camping trip with my boy, a girls' weekend with my besties, time beside the pool, and hopefully some durham bulls baseball games. the dreaded humidity of summer will be upon us soon. let's enjoy this beautiful spring weather as long as we can!

may mix

wildfire : john mayer

hey mami : sylvan esso

i wanna go : summer heart

tree to grow : the lone bellow

wild country : wake owl

advanced falconry : mutual benefit

robbers : the 1975

another love : tom odell

semi-automatic : twenty one pilots

the struggle : grizfolk

the heart ; needtobreathe

fall in love : phantogram

happy listening!

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