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Sunday, January 5, 2014

hi! my name is lacey, and this blog is my space for documenting recipes, crafts, my favorite music, inspiring pictures, what i find at goodwill, and the occasional deep thought. 

humming right along is how i would best describe my approach to life. i'm a 28 year old semi-adult, who is not living an extravagant life but just living and loving it. i don't live in a dream house on the california coast or have a disposable income, but i am making the most of where i am and what i have. i have a wonderful church, a very supportive group of friends, and a love for the creative and the crafty. pretty simple, but it works for me. hang out for a while. leave me some love.

what's that you say? you want more? excellent. i mean, i know i'm interesting, but it's just great when other people realize it, too. read this post for further useless information about me.  


  1. :smiling:

    over from the little things link up

  2. Hi Lacey! I wanted to say I got your package and I can't wait to open it on Christmas! Thank you!

    1. so glad you got it! i thought about waiting to open mine, and then curiosity got the better of me. hope you and your family have a very merry christmas! :-)


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