Saturday, November 29, 2014

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dan and i had a lovely thanksgiving at home with my family. we got home around noon where hot lunch was waiting for us. we held hands in the kitchen and took turns offering up our thanks and our prayers and then we ate. turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, creamed onions (my mom and i are the only ones who like them), green beans, sparkling cider. we ate until we could eat no more. and then we got seconds.

after lunch, my mom and i took to kitchen duty, and the manly men were sent to the garage to fetch the tree, assemble it, and string it with lights. they hauled it into the living room, and we put on some christmas tunes and decorated away. the rest of the afternoon was spent playing games, eating pie and ice cream, opening a few early christmas presents, and taking a walk around the neighborhood to walk off a few of the turkey calories.

feeling very fat and happy in the days following. i have much to be thankful for. hope you had a great holiday with your friends and family as well!

enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name. psalm 100:4


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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feeling: cold! the weather is dropping and my car was all frosty this morning. i don't mind. in fact, i wouldn't mind taking some of the snow off buffalo's hands. i think they have a few feet to spare.

baking: chocolate zucchini muffins. but before you go and think i'm some sort of baker extraordinaire, just let me tell you how they turned out by using some really descriptive adjectives: hard. flat. paperweighty. door stoppery. my boyfriend somehow managed to force down two for breakfast one morning this week. how he did that i do not know. he must have been desperate.

thinking about: the season that is upon us. this is my favorite time of year but this season already seems busier than normal. i tend to get caught up in the activities of the holiday season and miss the whole point of why i celebrate. i am trying to slow down and take time to focus on the importance of it all.

listening to: well, of course 1989. that's a given. but last weekend i was given an ep from a local band called bird and beast. they played at the maker's market and were super fun to listen to. afterwards, one of the band members came up to me and handed me one of their cd's. i am digging it! check them out on bandcamp!

reading: i need some suggestions! i am slowly making my way through grace for the good girl, and it is really good, but i always like to be reading a fiction book as well. throw some ideas at me!

what's on your currently list?

maker's market recap

Saturday, November 8, 2014

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it's been one week since i did the maker's market. where does the time go?! seriously. i planned on typing up this post early last week and here it is seven days later. eh, better late than never.

the event was a huge success in my eyes. no, we did not have a huge turnout (because of the weather), i did not make thousands of dollars, nor did not sell out of inventory, but boy was it a good time! i don't think it could have been a better "starter market" for me. it gave me the chance to get out there and set up my display and meet some very nice and talented artists. i told them it was my first time doing a market, and they were all excited for me. one of my customers turned out to be a local artist who used to make beautiful glazed ceramic beads for sale at ornamentea. she's kind of a celebrity in the local art scene, and she was very kind and encouraging of my art and even bought a few things. i played it cool, but on the inside I WAS DOING THIS!!! 

during the slow times of the market, i had a chance to hang with the other artist vendors and talk shop. they had some good information for me and even gave me a heads up about another local pop-up market. two of my favorite booths were tierra sol and uncaged artistry. seana from tierra sol makes beautiful, unique terrariums and becky from uncaged artistry makes arm knitted scarves in all kinds of rad colors. both girls were super cool and easy to hang with. thank you ladies for welcoming me in!

i loved the event so much that i am doing it again next saturday! we are having a "rain date re-do" because the weather last saturday did not play nice. hoping for sunny skies this time around! if you are in the raleigh area, come by cameron village and do a little holiday shopping.  

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november mix

Monday, November 3, 2014

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november has arrived! we are getting into the good season, y'all. the cold months, the leaves falling, the mornings wrapped in your warmest blankets. as i write this, i am bundled up in my neon pink bathrobe with bedhead to match. i look very attractive.

yesterday was my first craft market, and i can't wait to tell you guys about it. it was so much fun, and even though the weather took a turn for the bitter cold and windy, we still had some shoppers and had fun hanging out. will recap soon!

in the meantime, won't you enjoy some november tunes?

november mix

honey i'll try : emile miller

byegone : volcano choir

wild heart : bleachers

thinking out loud : ed sheeran

bleeding out : the lone bellow

wake me : bleachers

blue stockings : sea wolf

lights : phantogram

your head and your heart : the saint johns

angel in blue jeans : train

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