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Monday, February 16, 2015

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i've been thinking a lot lately about the story in the Bible about mary and martha. (luke 10: 38-42) the story goes that the sisters opened up their home to Jesus as he was traveling. one sister, mary, sat at the feet of Jesus and simply basked in his presence. as he talked and shared, she listened with rapt attention.

the other sister, martha, is what i picture as a chicken with her head cut off. the passage tells us she was "distracted by all the preparations that had to be made." she ran here and there making sure everything was in its place. i can't say i blame her. if i were in her shoes, i think i'd be just a frantic to make sure everything was prepared, clean, organized.

the passage continues with martha finally coming to a point of exasperation. she complains to Jesus that her sister has done nothing to help her and that she has been the one pulling everything together while mary simply sits in his presence. Jesus calls to her by name, "martha, martha". he tells her that she is worried and upset about many things but only one thing really matters. he points out that what her sister is doing-resting in His presence-is far more important than the to-do's that she is consumed with.

this passage became very real to me a few weeks ago as i related exactly to martha. i had been in this frustrated rut at work trying to figure out the balance between people vs. my tasks. it seemed that i couldn't get a single thing done without getting interrupted by someone or something. i was short with co-workers, i was hurried with patients, i was agitated with myself. i kept trying to give it over to the Lord but not even an hour into my workdays, i found myself back in my black hole.

one day, in the midst of the phone ringing and patients checking in and out, i noticed that a co-worker was standing at the front desk having a conversation with a friend. immediately i was annoyed. here i was running around trying to get everything done and my co-worker was more focused on an unnecessary conversation. i rushed by her in irritation hoping she might take notice of my exasperation and rush to my aide. she continued talking.

later that same day i was driving home from work, going over the events from the day. in what i have been referring to as my "epiphany moment" the story of mary and martha entered my mind. it doesn't happen very often that i relate so closely and completely to a passage of Scripture, but in this moment, that's exactly what happened. i was martha. it was scary obvious. my attitude, my actions, my exasperation were all exactly the same as hers.

my frustrations over the previous weeks had been stemming from my ill-aligned priorities. i was placing projects over people. i was focusing on the task and excusing the people in front of me with the wave of a hand. "can't you see i'm busy here?" "don't you see that i have a million things to do and being present with you is not one of them?" i cringe as i think about my actions. here i am trying to live as a witness in my workplace, and i am not accepting the opportunities for conversation and relationship when they so frequently present themselves.

since the Lord so clearly brought this to my attention, He has been helping me on a daily basis to place people at the top of my to-do list. some days it is still a struggle. some days i have a pile of papers on my desk that i just want to whittle down. but i remind myself of the two sisters and i know which one i want to be.

thank you to my co-workers who have put up with me when i've been at my worst. and thank you especially to my dear co-worker who took time to have a conversation with a friend during a busy moment.

internet gems. part nine.

Monday, February 9, 2015

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it's monday, and we all know what that means. we all need a good old fashioned pick me up. how about some fun links to distract you from your monday blues? onward!

square hold and circular shapes. (you can thank my mom for this one.)

DIY concrete hexagon coasters

this girl's tumblr. just go.

this one you will have to do a little work on: go to pinterest or google. type in "bacon egg cups". find the recipe with the best looking picture. make these for breakfast. (i am going on week two with these guys. so easy and so good.)

babies eating ice cream.

customizable key tags. some of these are pretty awesome.

spoken in the shop, volume 20

paper arrows to make and use on valentine's day. anyone can play cupid.

i recently bought this pair of grey slip on shoes, and i love them so much. then i saw this post and it just confirmed the whole thing for me, ya know?

all of the prints in this etsy shop. i also follow this girl on instagram, and she and her family are pretty darn cute. insta: @love_sarahjoy

what have you guys been finding across the web these days? i feel like i am out of the loop so please fill me in if there has been some huge viral video going around. i need to know these things.

is your monday better now? maybe a little?

music for your monday

Monday, February 2, 2015

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i've been listening to some great new music this past week, and i want to share my discoveries with you all. only one of the artists is really brand new to me, but the other artists just released new albums which is always a treat.  yay music! 

medicine: drew holcomb and the neighbors

i don't remember when i was first introduced to this group, but it was love at first listen. they have what people refer to as an "americana" sound (whatever that means). sort of country minus the whiney twang plus folksy guitar rhythms? who really knows. but man they are so good! i have seen them in concert twice, and each time i smiled and danced the whole way through. this album is not my all-time favorite, but it's still a great collection of songs. drew's voice is deep and scratchy and soft and loud in all the right places. 

then came the morning : the lone bellow

my boyfriend really likes this group, especially the lead singer, zach williams', solo album. we saw them a few months ago at the hall river ballroom, and they put on a pretty fun and upbeat show. they had the crowd dancing and singing along. i downloaded then came the morning over the weekend to give to dan, and now i have a copy for myself. (love when presents for other people turn into presents for yourself...) they played a few of their new songs at their live concert but most of the songs are totally new to me. excited to listen to the album in full.

the art of celebration : rend collective

it still boggles my mind that my mom was the one who introduced me to this band. when she first told me about them i didn't rush to youtube to check them out. i think i had to read about them on another blog before i actually looked them up. it's not that my mom doesn't have good taste (she does), it's just that i didn't want my mom to be more hip than me. how can my mom know about a band before i do?! but, alas, she proved her coolness by introducing me to this group of christian irish hipster musicians and their amazing sound. we just went to their concert this past friday, and it was such a wonderful experience. basically, it was a night of worship where the whole crowd stood and sang along with the band. their song "art of celebration" is one that i am really liking. 

james bay 

dan and i have this running joke that he can never find an artist or a band that i have not heard of. he always tries to find some new music for me and i respond "oh them? yeah, they're pretty good. where have you been?!" it's pretty cute, but i am happy to report he succeeded this weekend! james bay is an english musician, and i can't stop listening to two particular tracks from his upcoming album chaos and the calm. they are "let it go" and "hold back the river". you must go and listen to them! i've been listening to them so much that i haven't even checked out any of his other albums. 

do you guys have any new music that you've been enjoying lately? i'd love to know! i have been going through emma's january playlist song by song, and i am liking what she has listed. go check it out if you have a few minutes! happy monday, y'all. 
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