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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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i really love books and reading in general, but i confess that i am a serial book hoarder. i find books that seem interesting (read: the cover looks cool) so i buy them. and then they sit on my bookshelf for months and years and generations. it's a very bad habit and one that, as of late, i have been working to amend. it's my only new years resolution. nah, it's not even that because i don't make those. it's just something i'm trying to do. 

here is the stack of books that i am currently reading or at least really really close to beginning.

cold tangerines :  shauna niequist

the late, lamented molly marx : sally koslow

the reason for god : timothy keller

love is a mix tape : rob sheffield

if i am missing or dead : janine latus

stress point : sara francis martin

pour your heart into it : howard schultz

i'm nearly finished with if i am missing or dead, and it's been a great read. sad and eye opening because it's a true story but very well written and engaging. i want to finish a few of the others that i have previously started before jumping into the new ones so i can make a dent in my unread book collection.

does anyone else have a problem with this? i either start a book and then put it down for weeks at a time or i buy a "new" book (at goodwill), and it sits unopened, gathering dust?

"hello, my name is lacey, and i buy books only to abandon them."

that is my scary future if i don't do something about it now. closing my computer and opening a book.

one last thing though. what are you guys reading? fiction or non-fiction? cook books? biographies? how-tos? what's your favorite genre? 

music monday

Monday, January 28, 2013

lifetime : emeli sandé

i was shopping in the loft when this song came on, and i literally put down the sweater in my hands to take a listen. it takes a lot for me to put down merchandise. i found a piece of scrap paper and a pen in my purse so i could jot down some of the lyrics and google them when i got home.

the lyrics led me to scottish singer songwriter emeli sandé. her album our version of events is a great listen, but this is my favorite track. give it a whirl!

what are you listening to these days?

snow/ice day

Saturday, January 26, 2013

{photo credit: me}

this is what i do when i'm holed up in my apartment with an iced over car. 

{photo credit: me}

crafts everywhere. paper scraps on the floor. glue on the table. full coffee cup. 

{photo credit: me}

cutting and pasting the old-fashioned way, with scissors and glue. 

puppy in a basket

Friday, January 25, 2013

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if i post a picture of a tiny puppy head, i'm immediately forgiven for being MIA lately. right? isn't that the way this relationship works?

and because i've taken an unintentional blogging vacation, here. fun internet links. be entertained.

the countdown has begun
delicate dangle ring
really enjoying this girl's smart writing
i have an anthro card burning a hole in my wallet, and stripes might be the solution (stripes are always the solution)
because of the impending snowpocalypse (i hope, i hope), today might be a great day for baking
simple, decorated plates
would love one of these tables for my light and airy nyc loft apartment that does not exist
to run or not to run?
one day i would love to go here and play with arts and crafts all weekend
this milkshake would most definitely bring boys to my yard
cool desktop backgrounds
my birthday is coming up soon. take the hint. 
cats are icky but this is a great time waster
trendy glasses. come to me.

happy friday! 

the lovely list. part fourteen.

Friday, January 4, 2013

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first lovely list of the new year. gotta make it count. first up, these amazing mason jar lights that my stepdad made. and they double as drinking glasses if you're in a pinch. (thank you, dale!)

{photo credit: me}

early morning reading with dark, black coffee. bliss. 

{photo credit: me}

the perfect anytime snack. chocolate, graham crackers, peanut butter, and, what is that? a container of homemade frosting?! i die.

{photo credit: me}

the necklace i made for the swank party gift exchange. not going to lie. i'm pretty proud of this baby. fortunately, it stayed in the family as chelsea ended up taking it home with her.

{photo credit: me}

yummy breakfast with the rooms. anytime we can have breakfast together and be lazy on the couch for a little while is indication of the start to a good day. 

{photo credit: me}

new wall art! these are ceiling medallions spray painted "catalina mist" which makes me think of the catalina wine mixer which makes me think of will ferrel in step brothers which is hilarious.

{photo credit: me}

a pretty package tied up in string, this is one of my favorite things. 
christmas i over. i know this, but i'm having a hard time accepting it.

what's lovely, ya'll?

*linking up here!*

diy studded mittens

Thursday, January 3, 2013

{photo credit: me}

so, there are these things called studs. heard of them? i think avril lavine was wearing them like 13 years ago when they weren't that popular. or maybe they were, and it was me who wasn't cool enough to get it. 

well, now i get it. they are all the rage and look good on just about anything you would ever want to put them on-purses, loafers, hats, belts, textbook covers, phone cases, celebrity baby diapers. i just ordered a bunch of them (read: 400), and i've got the easiest diy tutorial for you. all you need is a pair of  mittens, some varied studs, and a pair of pliers.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

lay your mittens out flat and use your studs to make a simple design on the cuffs of your mittens. (you'll have to remember your design so it's probably best to keep it fairly simple). i made a row straight across the cuffs.

{photo credit: me}

once you have found a design you like, work with one stud at a time and push the prongs through the cloth. close one prong at a time using your pliers. keep working with each stud, securing it as you go. create the same design on the matching glove.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

ta-da! brand spanking new winter mittens that are as cool as anything avril ever wore. 

january mix

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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happy new year! 2012 was good to me. i started a new job that i love, moved from one small apartment to an even smaller apartment, turned 27, went to my first blogger meetup and met some fabulous local blogging ladies, ran my second half marathon, went on some fun trips, discovered new eateries in my city, watched loads and loads of parks and rec, celebrated my blog's one year birthday, watched my little brother graduate from high school, worked alongside people in my church and community to help better our city, opened an etsy shop, went primitive camping and didn't die, bought a couch, did my first outfit post, went to the state fair, made new friends. 

i am already thankful for 2013, whatever it may bring. living and learning, making mistakes, righting my wrongs, showing compassion, experiencing new things, growing in the Lord, saying hello to new friends, seeking forgiveness, learning to be patient, stretching my creative muscles, traveling, laughing, singing and dancing. 

*january mix*

now is the start: a fine frenzy

colors in array: future of forestry

on the run : kaiser chiefs

ambulance : eisley

somebody : jukebox the ghost

work : 1, 2, 3

none but thee : young oceans

let the drummer kick : citizen cope

cold wind : among savages

stay gold : the big pink

hey, 2013. i'm coming for you. salut!

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