internet gems. part three.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

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happy halloween! i work at a dental office, and today we gave away candy to our patients. job security.

i don't like halloween crafts. i just care so little. however, i care very much about mallow pumpkins.

ankle boots. i used to picket against them. they were the enemy. then i bought a pair on super sale ($6) and they bewitched me body and soul. how do you style them? like this

surfers and lovers.

vermont legislature. doing it right.

tall socks. how are you feeling about the way you feel about them?

really wanting to sign up for this skillshare class. skillshare is what all the cool kids are doing it which is the only reason i'm doing it. so when i find out they've moved on to something else i'll probably follow them there. and then i'll be all "deuces, skillz".

one glass house that i would never throw rocks at.

yes, i realize it's october. i still want it.

dress your tech.

older and wiser and richer in one year. bookmark this. reference it often.

you may be too old for trick or treating, but you can still wear a costume and get cheap food. chipotle for dinner!

storyline photos

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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i bought a new camera cord to replace the one that went missing, and we are in bizness. had a chance to upload the photos from the storyline conference i went to a few weekends ago with carrie the great! 

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

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{photo credit: carrie}

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{photo credit: me}

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nashville, thanks for the good time. i'll be back again. 

saxapahaw mercantile

Friday, October 25, 2013

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i briefly mentioned in this post that i had some exciting news to share with you guys. well, i'm finally ready to spill the beans! (i finally uploaded my pictures from my roommate's camera is what that means). 

a few weeks ago i responded to a "call to artists!" ad from a new handmade market opening in saxapahaw, nc. i sent off an email with a whole slew of pictures of product items and a link to my etsy shop and crossed my fingers. a few days later i got a response from the owner asking me to come in and show her my items in person. i took this as a very good sign so i allowed myself a few minutes of celebratory dancing. this was a bold move. definitely premature. but i was feeling epic. i went with it.

a few days later i drove over to saxapahaw and met with owner tiffanie at her beautiful store. she welcomed me inside and gave me the grand tour. think big, open floorplan, hardwood floors, exposed brick, high ceilings. near the back of the room was a small area for a coffee bar and in the very back, a brick room set up as a speakeasy. through two big, wooden doors exiting the speakeasy was an outdoor patio with lights strung up for outdoor movie nights. in other words, this place was every hipster crafting mama's (or papa's) dreamland.

we sat down at a small table near the front of the store and chatted a bit more about the shop. she told me she used to do store designs for anthropologie and ralph lauren. so not at all intimidating as i'm about to pour my little novice creative heart out on the folding table before us.

i laid out all of my goods and told her about my processes for each piece and the inspirations behind them. she was super nice and listened to me blather on and on. she asked questions about pricing and custom orders which i took as a good sign that even if she didn't understand what my rambling mouth was saying, she at least liked my product.

when i finished my spiel, she said the words i was hoping for, "we'd love to have your goods here!" or something to that effect. i was buzzing just like neon at this point so it's kind of a blur the exact words she said. we talked a few more details and i thanked her profusely for meeting with me and for this opportunity. i think i may have skip-jumped back to my car.

i am so excited to be a part of this new handmade store! i have been feeling unsure and restless about life in general but have also been thinking that my creative talents needed a new outlet. so thankful that i reached out and gave it a go. it's a scary thing to do, and doesn't always work out (i know because i have gotten plenty of "NO!!!" emails from various other shops), but when it does, it's pretty exhilarating.

i didn't get any pictures of the inside of the store because i didn't think it would have made a great first impression to be crouched here and there at weird angles snapping pictures, but i did take a few of the town itself. saxapahaw is kind of in the middle of nowhere and is probably about a mile in total length, but it's such a cute place. take a look! and check out the saxapahaw mercantile on facebook. tomorrow is their official grand opening! wish them (and me) luck.

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gather together and let's celebrate

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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this past weekend was full. it was busy and fun and exhausting in all the best ways. when sunday evening came, my bones were weary and my head welcomed the pillow.

i spent a good portion of friday in the hospital with very close friends as their brother/son/husband/grandson had major surgery. we spent the day in reception taking turns getting coffee and reading books and making small talk. as the day turned to evening we heard word from the surgeon that all was well and the procedure was a success. we cheered and clapped and held hands in a big lopsided circle and thanked God for His goodness. 

the rest of the weekend was spent dancing the night away in downtown raleigh to celebrate a friend's recent engagement, ordering bloody marys, lobster and crab spring rolls, and bison sushi at cowfish for my older brother's birthday, and gathering together with 20 other ladies at a bridal shower for my wonderful co-worker who is getting married in less than a month. 

this weekend felt like one big celebration. we celebrated the answered prayers of a successful surgery, we celebrated the upcoming weddings of two brides and grooms, we celebrated the turning of another year older and wiser. 

sunday night as i was falling into bed, i was reminded of all the people who i am happy and honored to know. friendships that i never thought i would treasure as much as i do. families that aren't blood relation but treat me as such. girlfriends that have been my support system throughout the years. so many different relationships and dynamics and all so important.

i'll tell you what, falling asleep thinking about the people who you love makes for one deep and restful and peaceful slumber.

home from storyline

Friday, October 18, 2013

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home from the storyline conference and had such a great time! it doesn't seem like it's already been a week since i've been home. last friday i was drinking a hot fuzz latte at bongo java, listening to donald miller talk to a group of bloggers about the passion of writing. 

the conference was refreshing and inspiring. i didn't have an life-altering {eureka!} moment and nothing i heard was super profound. but everything that was shared by the various speakers was exactly what i needed to hear. messages of action, messages of inspired change, messages of "your story matters". 

one speaker in particular asked us to think about what old stories in our lives are we still hanging onto that are preventing us from living out new stories? good question. i think the old story that i hold onto the most is the story of the girl (me) who didn't know quite what she wanted to be when she grew up so she thought she would never figure it out. did that make sense? it's like my own precedent is keeping me from a establishing new one. did that make even less sense?

how about i explain it this way: i was encouraged to keep being proactive with my creative endeavors. making my jewelry and cards is what gets me going, it's what makes me feel happy and alive. i want to keep pursuing opportunities that will help me expand my craft line. i want to learn new techniques, i want to meet more likeminded people, i want to take more classes. i've always liked making things with my hands and have always appreciated the art of handmade goods, but i want to go further. i don't know exactly what that looks like as of yet, but things are happening people. things are a-happening. 

another thing i learned during the weekend? nashville is a cool, cool place. when we weren't listening to speakers like bob goff, shauna niequist, brandon heath, john richmond, and joshua dubois, we were out and about, exploring the neighborhood surrounding belmont university and downtown nashville. we went to some awesome coffee shops including bongo java and crema. we ate dinner at pub5, a cozy and delicious restaurant down one of the quieter side streets in downtown nashville. we walked as far as we could on the shelby street pedestrian bridge (which was not very far as the bridge was closed for a private party), we took pictures outside of the blue bird cafe, we ate fro yo at sweet cece's, we walked around green hills, we shopped at festivity

what a wonderful trip. i'll probably be mentioning it again as i go back through my conference notebook and process more of my notes. it's hard to recap an experience like this so bear with me if it takes a few more blog posts to cover all my bases. (i also want to show you guys the pictures i took, but i need to get a new camera cord. be on the lookout). 

if you made it to the end of this long-winded (for me) post, congrats! drinks on me. 

away we go

Thursday, October 10, 2013

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nashville. sup. 

heading off to the storyline conference with miss carrie today. super pumped! i have never been to nashville, and i'm excited to explore the city and go to as many coffee shops as i can in three days' time. fortunately for me, the kind people organizing the conference have put together a "coffee tour guide" pdf for all attendees. such darlings. {really excited to go here for friday morning bloggers' breakfast}.

so, what's this conference all about? good question. hmmm. finding yourself? figuring out your life and what you're doing with it? maybe a quote directly from the conference website will help since i seem to be struggling here. 

"we believe every human being can live a meaningful life. and we are coming together to talk about how we know you're constantly being sold inspiration and formulas to achieve success. we don't have a problem with success, but we have a problem with the number of "successful" people who aren't happy."

so, basically, storyline helps attendees create a more focused and unique "life plan" by highlighting ways that can help create a deeper sense of meaning. i, for one, can use all the help i can get. i feel like i generally "float on" in life. i tend to let things happen to me instead of pursuing things that i want to try or do or be involved in. so far, my life has turned out just great, but i don't want to simply be a spectator. i want to jump in and try things and get messy and make mistakes. makes life more interesting, right?  

in the past two weeks some awesome opportunities have come about because i have been proactive in searching them out. it's been very cool to see how quickly things can happen in your life when you're open to new things. i can't wait to share one particularly exciting piece of news with you all upon my return next week. woohoo!

i hope you guys have a great weekend, and if anyone has been to nashville before and would like to give me some suggestions of places to go, i'd love to hear them!

internet gems. part two.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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spent time at the beach this weekend with some of my best girls. we had a lovely time, and i'm sad it's back to the grind. these internet gems should help to ease the pain.

25 things every woman needs to know. just read it, and i have to say holla.

domino magazine is back. all is right with the world. santa, i know you're reading my blog because you're omnipresent so i'm going to make this really easy for you. one year subscription.

when someone says "let go and let God" and you have to restrain yourself from punching them in the face.

i've never been super into halloween which is weird because candy. but i think this is just about the coolest costume ever.

this article over at deeper church. sometimes you feel tired and helpless, and you need to be reminded that you are not alone.

jamming out to the black keys lately. when i listen to them, i feel like i'm starring in a movie driving an old chevy impala down a long desert road. i'm wearing big aviator ray bans. brad pitt is riding shotgun because we're about to pull off this big bank heist, and he knows about that kind of stuff because of all those oceans movies. this is embarrassingly detailed.

moscow mule recipe. love me some ginger beer.

how do we feel about midi rings?

going to england next month, and i want to get an army jacket for the trip.

my co-worker emily just got engaged and is planning her november wedding. (as in, this). we've been having a giddy ole time talking flowers and gift registries and reception menu and dance tracks. i'm not the kind of girl who has had her wedding planned since age five, but i do know i love this cake style. and if it's still trendy in 30 years when i get married, i will have it.

mod pumpkins for fall.

when you don't know how to do justice.

do you have any internet gems to share?

soba noodle salad

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{photo credit: me}

you have noodles and you have cucumbers. you mix them together with, like, oils and stuff. would you believe this was hard for me? like really hard. not the assembly part. that was easy. i'm talking about pre-assembly. the part that isn't generally aired on cooking shows. the part where you drive to seven different stores picking up this ingredient here and that ingredient there. who knew plain soba noodles would be so hard to find? and a julienne peeler? i now know where they don't sell those. {i'm talking to you crate and barrel}.

soba noodle salad


4-6 oz. soba noodles
1-2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
2 medium cucumbers or 1 large seedless cucumber
1/4 cup chopped scallions (i did not add these to my salad)
1 tablespoon tamari or soy sauce
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1-2 tablespoons ponzu sauce (or extra tamari and rice vinegar with a squeeze of lime)
avocado slices (i did not use these)
sesame seeds
optinal additions: tofu, protein of your choice, shredded carrots, sriracha, chile flakes


1. boil the noodles in salty water until al dente. blanch them for 30 seconds in a bowl of ice water, then drain. return them to the (empty) bowl and gently toss with a splash of sesame oil so they won't stick together while you finish everything else. 
2. thinly slice the cucumbers with a julienne peeler. discard the first peel (it will be all skin) and carefully make your slices around the seeded part in the middle. 
3. toss the cucumber slices and scallions with the noodles. add tamari, rice vinegar, and ponzu and toss again. taste and adjust seasonings. top with sliced avocado and sesame seeds. serve cold.

{photo credit: me}

this stuff is good and worth my traipsing all over kingdom come to find the necessary ingredients/tools. 

for full recipe and prettier pictures, go here.

october mix

Friday, October 4, 2013

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dear october, 

i have a good feeling about you. you have already brought a few beautiful, chilly mornings to my zip code, and that alone makes me want to throw my arms around your neck. 

october mix

out of my league : fitz and the tantrums

all day and all of the night : the kinks

by your side : beachwood sparks

elevate : st. lucia

girls : beyonce

i should live in salt : the national

we've got tonight : phillip phillips

thickfreakness : the black keys

move : pacific air

great escape : washed out

lover's game : geographer

october, show me how you do that trick. the one that changes leaves from green to red. the one that brings a snap to the air. show me how you do it? and i promise you, i promise that i'll run away with you. 

fall back

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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found this poem through emma jane's blog. what beautiful words. she is quite talented. fall is my favorite season for so many reasons, and i think she hits the nail on the head. read on. 

i felt the fall air today
for the first time this year.
summer set,
fall tiptoed in through
the back door,
almost unnoticed.

she brushed past the kitchen,
she strayed down the stairs,
she gussied up in the mirror in the hall.

she didn't knock as she
pushed in sideways through
my bedroom door,
barely clearing the crack.

i sighed in my sleep,
briefly stirring as she
kissed my forehead
and held my hand.

"everything is starting again,
my love. everything will change.
everything will grow as
the leaves drift down to sleep
on loamy, grassy beds.
the pieces will fall back into place,

your heart will heal and mend,
as the summer sun will end."

i smiled at her speech,
the kindness in her eyes.
"don't take too long, dear fall,
to bring my pieces back to me.
my bed is cold.
i don't want to feel the
winter chill
without his hand."

"winter was lonely and long,
spring was all pastels,
garish and sad.
summer was rash and hollow,
full of reminders and regret.

but i, my love, i blow the
leaves about, clear the dust
from strained and aching eyes.

fall is your shelter,
fall will bring you peace,
fall makes it all fall back,
the puzzle in your head and heart
finally solved.

sleep now, dear heart,
and do not dread the cold.
until your heart is back in his hand,
my hand won't leave your side."

as i slept
she brushed my hair,
sang me mountain hymns of
sprites and kings,
lionhearts and their maidens.

i dreamt of my lionheart,
our chilly days past
and future, falling into place
in her crisp gaze.

welcome fall.

internet gems. part one.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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the web is a strange and wonderful place. see for yourself. 

one day i hope to attend one of these
i got one similar this weekend. except a lot cheaper at tjmaxx.
rooney in carts
these gorgeous boots for super cheap. who owes me a favor worth $44?
this past sunday was national coffee day, but don't think the celebrating has passed. get out there and order a double espresso.
chelsea sent this article to me. good words. 
this list. it's about fall. mad crushing on fall. 
something about this outfit shoot has me wrapped around its finger. i just love it. 
tote bag with a good message
and guys think girls have too many options
recreating this outfit.
taking a calligraphy class has been on my mind. 
the lazy girl's guide to seasonal decor. yep.
honest gushing. it's about marriage, but it's not cheesy.
space jams. listen to this. please, please, please.

what have you found that you'd say was an internet gem? or even fool's gold if that's all you've got. i'd take an internet fool's gold. 
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