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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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in the past two weeks i have been on two GREAT dates. OMG! DATES! ok, don't get too excited. they weren't with my future prince charming-dennis quad wasn't available when i called-but my friend kelly really knows how to have a good time. she even paid for my coffee. that makes it an official date, i'm pretty sure. 

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last tuesday, we went to one of my favorite coffee shops in raleigh, the third place. before i moved here, my mom and i would occasionally drive up from southern pines for the day. the third place was always our first stop. we needed liquid energy before we hit the town. the atmosphere is nice and cozy, and, hello, they make leaf shapes out of the foam. what you're looking at is my nutella latte. kelly got a festive (and more delicious) eggnog latte. i guess i'll just have to make another visit to get my own. if i have to. 

after coffee, we headed to ornamentea for a try-it tuesday project! every tuesday, ornamentea features a different jewelry craft for only $3. you can make as many as you like and all the materials, supplies, and tools are provided for you. i'm a cheap date. 

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kelly and her tongue hard at work.

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{photo credit: me}

our finished pretties. i might give this as a christmas present. to myself. 

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since we enjoyed our time together so much, we made plans for a second date (second date!) to grab cupcakes at the new daisycakes location in durham. daisycakes was a mobile cupcakery, selling out of an airstream trailer, up until about a month ago. they just opened a sweet little cafe and bakery in downtown durham where they serve cupcakes (obvs), pastries, coffee, and savory foods.

{photo credit: me and kelly}

{photo credit: me}

banana cake with caramel frosting and
vanilla dream with rainbow jimmies. 

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: kelly}

i think i look best in photos when i'm wearing my pj/gym clothes, and i'm about to eat something wonderful. photograph your subjects in their natural environments, right?

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kelly is the best. i really hope she asks me out again.

p.s. if you live in the raleigh/durham area, make sure you head to daisycake's website to get a coupon for a FREE cupcake. 

the lovely *thankful* list. part four.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving! i have many things to be thankful for. 

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my family. they're loving, gracious, aggravating, encouraging, selfish, silly, forgiving, generous, annoying, inspiring-everything a family should be! i love them so very much. couldn't have picked them better myself. 

my friends. these characters add flavor to my life. they are my biggest support system, and i would be one sad duck without them. 

my faith. i'm thankful that i have the freedom to worship God without being persecuted. i am thankful for diversity and even when we don't believe the same thing, we can learn from each other.

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my country. i am so thankful to live where i do. honestly, i take it for granted so often. i have the freedom to live my life without worry or fear. 

i am thankful that, even though i am working today, i have a job and a paycheck. 

my creative spirit. 

my five senses. love those guys. 

the fact that i went to wal*mart yesterday, the day before thanksgiving, and made it out alive. miracle. 

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i'm thankful that my parents still let me bring my laundry home when i come visit. 

i'm thankful for laughter and how certain things, like this video, never fail to make me laugh.

i'm thankful that the starbucks at work is open today because i forgot my coffee in the car. saved the day. (although, i hope they close early so that the baristas can go home.)

for live online coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. one of my most favorite thanksgiving traditions.

for small pleasures in life: grocery shopping, black coffee, pajamas, favorite songs, chocolate chips, running in the evening, leaves falling, dinner with a friend.

happy, happy thanksgiving! enjoy this time with your family and friends. enjoy eating until your pants get snug. be thankful for the things you take for granted. give. be gracious. 

scene from this morning

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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we are a people with a future-not spiritual nomads or wanderers, but a people of purpose and destiny. the past is over. the future stretches out before us full of promise and possibility.

we are a changed people-new people. not avoiding decisions that must be made, nor running from responsibility because of the mistakes and failures in our past, we look toward a future based on a newness of heart created in us by God. 

no longer haunted by the past, we are free to choose-to make new commitments and follow new direction. in our freedom we set new standards and find new strength by which to live. 

we have called upon our merciful God, repented, and begun to have the hope of a new heart and a new start-the beginning of a total renewal. 

what a relief! to know that we have a God who forgives-to know that we have a God who understands, and who can heal and help us. He will teach us His ways; He will make us more like Himself; He will lead us in the right direction.

free to capture the vision of His majesty. to seize the significance of our salvation. to catch a glimpse of His beauty and the reality of our redemption. 

we are renewed. 

-neva coyle

pumpkin oatmeal

Sunday, November 20, 2011

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this pumpkin oatmeal recipe caught my eye as soon as i saw urban nester post it a while back. i'd been meaning to make it for breakfast, but i tend to be lazy in the mornings, and reaching for a spoon and a jar of peanut butter is just easier sometimes (all the time.) BUT, i like breakfast. i really do. so, on one of my recent days off, i pulled myself together and got to work.


1 cup quick cooking oats
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 egg whites (her recipe called for four, but i only had two eggs. also, ever heard of adding eggs to your oatmeal? me neither. it kind of freaked me out.)
honey to taste


cook oats on the stovetop until they are almost done. quickly stir in egg whites, canned pumpkin, and cinnamon. stir until well mixed. let the oats finish cooking. when oats are done, divide into bowls and top walnuts and honey.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

if there was a contest between myself and pumpkin oatmeal for most photogenic in the morning, i think we all know who would win. let the fact that i don't have a picture of myself enjoying this oatmeal guide your answer.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

the final result was yummy but the pumpkin flavor was very light and not very sweet. if i make it again, i think i'll either add more pumpkin or more sugar/honey. and maybe some raisins because raisins are just so very delicious.

power to the pumpkins.

know me and love me

Thursday, November 17, 2011

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it seems we need someone to know us as we are
-with all we have done-
and forgive us. 
we need to tell. 
we need to be whole in someone's sight. 
know this about me, 
and yet love me. please. 
-sue miller

not home yet

Thursday, November 10, 2011

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i meet many faithful christians who, in spite of their faith, are deeply disappointed in how their lives have turned out. sometimes it is simply a matter of how they experience aging, which they take to mean they no longer have a future. but often, due to circumstances or wrongful decisions and actions by others, what they hoped to accomplish in life they did not...much of the distress of these people comes from a failure to realize that their life lies before them...the life that lies endlessly before us in the kingdom of God. 
-dallas willard 

remember when i wrote this post a few weeks ago? to sum up the post for those who didn't read it, i was basically writing complaining about being stuck in a rut. i mentioned how my daily life can feel suffocating and how i'm unsatisfied at times with nothing to look forward to, nothing to anticipate. yikes. how depressing, right? if you didn't read it, be glad you missed the sob fest. 

but, ever since then, i've continued to think about it. why am i waiting for the next big thing and not enjoying the now? why, even when good things are happening, do i still have a longing for something more? why do i feel lonely even when i have the most supportive friends? why? why? why? 

as a christian, the answer should have been more obvious to me. not to get all theological on you, but i have to remind myself that i was not made to be completely fulfilled in this world. i was made to be satisfied with Christ and, until i am in His presence, i will always have longings and desires that won't be met with what the world offers. it's like i have a hole in my heart that nothing else but God can fill. blech, super cheesy. i cringed when i wrote that. but it's true. it's the best explanation for why i still feel unfulfilled even when things are good in my life.

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i believe God created beautiful, wonderful things in this world for us to enjoy. he created us to be relational beings which is why we find great pleasure in friendships and romantic relationships. he instilled in us a sense of adventure which is why we like to take trips and discover new cities and explore nature. he created us to laugh and sing and be joyful with what we have here, but, all that being said, this world is temporary. as much as this world has to offer, i'm not home yet. it's an encouraging truth.

"but there's far more to life for us. 
we're citizens of high heaven! 
we're waiting the arrival of the Savior, 
the Master, Jesus Christ, 
who will transform our earthy bodies 
into glorious bodies like His own. 
He'll make us beautiful and whole 
with the same powerful skill 
by which He is putting everything as it should be, 
under and around Him." 
-philippians 3:20-21

oh, i like you so very much.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

what's been happening in my crafty universe lately...

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i like you, like you.

title and collection inspired by this song.

they did the mash. they did the papermash.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

oh, how i love paper crafts.

how cute are these products from, papermash? i want. i want. i want.

kraft colored snowflake tape. i never knew i needed this until now.

Sweet dreams banner
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sweet dreams are made of this banner

I love lists
{photo credit}

lists give me the warm fuzzies.

Cork pen pot
{photo credit}

oh my darling goodness.

Gift tag bird stamp
{photo credit}

i might buy more presents for other people if i had this cute to and from bird stamp.

ABC paper cups
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 head over to papermash and find me a christmas pressie. pronto!

the red cups are coming! the red cups are coming!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

actually, the red cups at starbucks are HERE! this is one of the little things i look forward to every fall. it's not officially the holiday season until i see the red cups. basically, starbucks tells me how to feel and act and think. if starbucks told me to jump off a cliff, i would.

november mix

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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as i'm writing this, my craft table is covered in christmas paper and stickers, love actually is playing in our living room, and my pandora station is set to "where are you christmas?"

i can see you panicking already. all of you out there who refuse to listen to christmas music until after thanksgiving are scrambling to close this post. don't worry. this playlist does not contain one song about sugarplums or the jolly guy. (i'm saving all those for next month.) i'm just saying that i'm kinda sorta extremely excited about the upcoming holiday season.

here are some lovely tunes for the month of november. most of them are slow and cozy but a few might make you want to bust a move. it's only fair that i warn you. also, make sure you take advantage of the free songs. you need some good music in your life. i've looked at your itunes library, and it isn't pretty.

*november mix*

mid november : jonathan rice

let's go : madi diaz

up, up, up : givers

no silver : chris bathgate (free!)

1000 ships : rachel platten

i don't want love : the antlers (free!)

dancing choose : tv on the radio

hidden staircase : feather and belle (free!)

moth's wings : passion pit

sway : the perishers

ten-twenty-ten : the generationals

howlin' for you : the black keys

flume : bon iver
(peter gabriel's cover of this song is wowzers.)

happy listening!

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