headed to california

Thursday, April 10, 2014

{photo credit: me}

today i am california bound with my family! i haven't been to california in several years, and it's been even longer since i've seen my grandpa, uncles, aunts, and cousins who live there. i know our plans include celebrating my grandpa's 90th birthday and eating our body weight in mexican food, but other than that i think our itinerary is pretty open. i will be sure to take loads of pictures and instagram at least one meal a day. i think that's the minimum requirement in the blogger's handbook. i think i would lose my blogger license if i failed that one.

i'll be MIA until late next week. hope you guys have a great week, and i will catch ya later! surfs up.

reading list

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{photo credit and graphic text: me}

one of my goals this year has been to read one book every month. that may not seem like very much to some of you, but given the amount of free time i have throughout my weeks (sometimes quite a bit, sometimes not a free moment), it has been the perfect amount. i'm not really limiting it to one book exactly, but that is my minimum goal.

it is so satisfying to finally point to books on my bookshelf and say "read that". it's the fourth month into the year, and so far, so good! (i did finish march's book on april 2nd, but i'm still counting it since i read the majority of it during march. i make the rules.)

while i do have a good amount of books that i already own that i want to read, do you guys have any suggestions for me? anything you've read lately that has stood out to you? do you lean towards fiction or non-fiction generally?

here are a few of the books i am currently reading or want to read this year:

tell the wolves i'm home : carol rifka brunt

the day i ate whatever i wanted : elizabeth berg

evolving in monkey town : rachel held evans

a million little ways: uncover the art you were made to live : emily freeman

in the grip of grace : max lucado

the book thief : markus zusak

the ghost at the table : suzanne berne

please share any suggestions you have for me! i trust your judgement. you're a wicked cool and smart bunch.

april mix

Monday, April 7, 2014

{photo credit and graphic text: me}

slowly but surely spring is creeping in. the weather is still fluctuating a bit, but i think it's safe to say that the worst of winter is behind us. (fingers crossed). i was in charleston this past weekend for the cooper river bridge run, and the weather was an absolute dream. beautiful blue skies and warm sun. how's about we listen to some happy tunes in celebration of the warmer temps? yay, spring! 

april mix

girl named tennessee : needtobreathe

heart beats : johnnyswim

from eden : hozier

colors : grace potter and the nocturnals

get gone : white arrows

only love : ben howard

screen : twenty one pilots 

waves that rolled you under : young summer

from nowhere : dan croll

a little opus : little comets

green eyes and a heart of gold : lone bellow

come a little closer : coasts

hymn #35 : joe pug

boogie children (saturn day night) : shawn lee

fade and then return : william fitzsimmons

happy spring!

etsy swap 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

{photo credit: me}

i recently participated in the etsy swap 2014 hosted by meg and amy and had a blast! the person i was assigned to "stalk" and shop for was the ever-cool jess from writing in red lipstick. based on the short bio i received about her and from reading up on her blog, i found out she lives in virginia and has a thing for bees and woodland creatures. oh yes, i could definitely work with this. i got to work scouring etsy for some choice gifts and it didn't take me long to find some items to send to miss jess. here is the little package i put together for her.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

when i got the fox brooch in the mail, i wanted to keep him for myself! how cute is his face? i was stunned by the intricate detail of the stitching. i thought the cookie cutter would be a cute idea since jess hails from virginia, and i also included some chocolate bars because a gift isn't truly complete without a little sweet. hope you liked everything, jess!

the lovely kiki from in its time had my name, and i can't say enough good things about this fun package! she really did her research and got all of my favorite things. peanut butter, the cutest hand-stamped spoon, hexagon stud earrings that i have honestly been eyeing for a long time, and my favorite candy bar. thank you, kiki! you are so sweet and thoughtful to put all of this together!

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

had a blast both giving and receiving some great etsy finds. thank you again for hosting this swap, meg and amy. looking forward to next year! head on over to the link-up and check out what the other bloggers gave and received! you can also search #etsyswap2014 on instagram. etsy love forever.

what didn't make it to instagram

Friday, March 28, 2014

{photo credit: me}

good grief, do i love instagram. it's this wonderful, beautiful little time waster when you have a few minutes (or hours) to kill. i just love the simplicity of it. you like a picture, you move on. it doesn't require a ton of focused attention, and i love scrolling through an endless feed of beautiful pictures. it's so inspiring-like a real life pinterest!

here are some images that didn't make it to my instagram feed for one reason or another. happy non-instagramming! (i'd love for you to follow me on instagram! you can find me here: @laceykate)

{photo credit: me}

top left: caramel latte at bean traders coffee.
top right: ootd
bottom left: beautiful mixed media art collage my friend emily made for my birthday
bottom right: a trip to the post office turned into this

{photo credit: me, dad}

top left: beer and pretzel date with my dad
top right: guglhupf
bottom left: the window seats at gather in cary, nc
bottom right: cosby. the sweetest, cutest black lab that you ever did meet.

{photo credit: me, sarah}

top left: chelsea and i brunching at beasley's
top right: my friend AE got married and this was her wedding cake. yes, seriously.
bottom left: my mom made this awesome art print for my birthday. i adore it. 
bottom right: foster's market in durham, nc. 

what are your instagram accounts so i can follow you? do share!

sunshine award

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{photo credit}

i read a lot of blogs. if you are a blogger, i'm sure you can say the same. sometimes, i lose track of time because one blog links me to another which takes me to another to another to another. and then i don't remember how to get back. i forget to leave the trail of breadcrumbs to find my way home. but it's ok because instead of ending up at a candy cottage with a witch for a landlord, i end up in a cool, virtual space.

one blog that i have recently found and LOVE reading is the hippie memoirs. emma kate runs this lovely space, and she was sweet enough to nominate me for the sunshine award. humming right along blog started small and has remained relatively small, but i just love the creativity it allows me to express and for the friends i have met and connected with because of it. i wish emma and i lived closer because i honestly think we'd be fast friends upon meeting. she has the most lovely posts and pictures and i can just tell she's a fun person. her instagram is always full of cool images to boot. so, emma, if we are ever within 100 miles of each other, let's promise to meet up. ok? ok.

here's how the sunshine award works.

1. display the award on your blog
2. announce your win with a post and thank the blog who nominated you.
3. post ten interesting things about yourself
4. nominate some other deserving bloggers
5. link your nominees in a post and let them know with a comment

10 "interesting" things about myself:

1. i have a fingerprint on my right palm. is this rare or not? i thought it was until i recently found out that someone else i know has two! one print on each palm. some people get all the breaks.

2. this month marks the 20th year i have lived in north carolina. good grief. that makes me sound so old. the funny thing is that i don't really feel rooted here. i love my friends and family to the ends of the earth, but i feel like my heart longs to travel and move west. i've been talking about this for years though and still i remain in the south.

3. i prefer to listen to others talk rather than being the one talking. it's just easier to be the listening ear. i don't like talking about myself all that much unless it's with friends who make it easy. however, i don't like being talked AT. there is a difference.

4. i recently learned how to do doughnuts in my car. a really cute boy taught me.

5. i have yet to have an epic new years. it is probably one of my least favorite holidays. there is so much hype and expectation and it stresses me out. it seems to be the one holiday that reminds me of how single i usually am. way more than valentine's day or christmas. it's that dang midnight kiss.

6. i love fashion and cute clothes, but i usually end up wearing some variety of workout apparel. i feel comfortable and relaxed in my tennis and sports bras and yoga pants. and it actually works out pretty well because when i do dress up, people be like whoa.

7. music is everything. i always have music playing. i am always on the lookout for new music. concerts are fun. i would love to make you a mix cd. i would love it if you made me a mix cd. tell me what bands you're into, and i'll tell you mine.

8. i am a very friendly person, but i find making new friends to be hard. the older i get, the harder it seems to make real friends. it takes time and intentionality and a good amount of vulnerability. those things are hard to find in people (myself included) these days. when you were little, you became best friends with the kid playing next to you in the sandbox. "you like sand? me too!" i'm not saying it's impossible, just harder.

9. my middle name is kate. my older brother suggested it, and my mom was like "cool." lacey kate. i think it has a nice ring to it.

10. if you treat me to a coffee, i will love you forever. no explanation necessary.

so there you go. a little insight into how boring i really am! let's redirect the spotlight on some well-deserving bloggers.

tightrope to the sun: emma's writing is beyond beautiful. i first featured one of her poems in this post, and it is still one of my favorite pieces i have read by her. since finding her, i make it a habit to check her blog on the daily. i think what i find most attractive about her posts is the sincere honesty in them. i can't even. it impresses me, it intimidates me. she is also an avid reader and gives the best book reviews and recommendations. i have a list of books and authors to check out thanks to her!

blooming branch: my dear friend chelsea is the woman behind this beautiful blog. her posts are always thoughtful, insightful and well-written. she writes deep from the heart and is brave enough to be honest about both her struggles and her triumphs. this is something i admire in bloggers as i am not that courageous. chelsea and i met in college and have remained besties through the years. i am grateful for her and for her wonderful blog. (side note: she/her blog is one of the reasons i started my own a few years ago!)

real home living: laura is a fellow raleigh/durham blogger who i met a few years ago at a blogger's meetup. her blog is a blast to read. she and her husband (and now new puppy!) have the most fun adventures in raleigh and beyond. they recently bought their first home, and i love that laura updates her readers on the progress they're making with house renovations. laura and i met up one evening for dinner in raleigh, and it was really fun to catch up in real life instead of our usual blog comments back and forth.

have fun checking out these blogs and bloggers! what blogs are you reading these days? have you ever had the chance to meet up with some blog friends in real life? i'd love to hear!

thank again, emma, for the nomination! keep up the awesome blogging. in fact, i'm heading over to your blog to see if you've posted anything since the last time i checked five minutes ago.

internet gems. part five.

Friday, March 21, 2014

{photo credit}

happy friday, ya'll! fun weekend plans? i've got a lot of random things going on this weekend including, but not limited to, cleaning out my closet and donating things to goodwill. all i DO is win.

i have been rounding up some web links for you guys. enjoy!

love the dreamy pictures in this post. tall, sheer socks are something i don't think i could pull off, but i think they're really cool. what is not cool? forehead braids. just say no.

felt succulents. succulents are really hard to kill. they are great, sturdy plants. leave it to me to be someone who has killed three succulents under her care. this craft was created with people like me in mind.

the story of my stuff.

this cute blogger owns her own bookshop. one of her regular features is called spoken in the shop where she documents bits of conversation that she overhears from customers. a hoot.

show up, people. just show up.

how to pose like a fashion blogger. tips for greatness.

DIY mini pallets. almost free crafts are the way to go.

goat cheese and strawberry popovers. you had me at goat cheese. and then again at strawberries. and a third time at popovers.

happy fridaying! stay cool.
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