guest posting : the hippie memoirs

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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oh, heeeeeey. i am back from cali-for-ni-A! we had a really great trip, but it's obvious to me that i am still out of sync with my sleep schedule. i've been waking up with less than 10 minutes to get ready and out the door for work since monday. dat's no good.

i am planning a vacation recap post for the near future, but until i can collect my thoughts and pictures, my beautiful friend emma is featuring me on her blog the hippie memoirs. emma and i have been collaborating together here and there for the past year, and she is my favorite gal to work with! she's talented and creative, and her blog just had a spectacular makeover. she is doing a new monthly feature called meet the muses where she will introduce a new blogger every month to her readers. i'm excited to be involved! head over to read a few fun facts about me and check out the rest of her amazing blog.

but wait. before you go. how are you guys? i've been out of the loop, and while i did have a lovely vacation without my computer for a week, i am excited to be back. more posts are coming soon including some exciting news i have to share! hint: i'm not engaged, pregnant, moving, or getting a new car. (but what else is there??)

i'm going back home to the west coast

Thursday, October 9, 2014

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just a quick note to say goodbye before i leave for vacation! i'm heading to the west coast for the next week. i promise to litter my instagram feed with palm tree/beach/california sunsets. don't you worry. bonus points goes out to anyone who can name that song in the post title. i might even bring you back a seashell.

guest posting : blooming branch

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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i am guest posting on my friend chelsea's blog today. she is participating in a 31 day writing challenge where you pick a topic and blog about it on the daily for a whole month. you can read more about it in this post. i am so impressed with what she has written so far and am excited and flattered that she asked me to join her! head on over and see what i had to say about being a twenty-something. if that doesn't entice you, you will also see a picture of me that chelsea referred to as the "sunshine spider". there it is. you're clicking now.

october mix

Monday, October 6, 2014

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hellooooo, october! you are the stuff of dreams. i have always loved this time of year. the drop in temps, the falling of leaves, crisp morning air, drinking hot beverages and not sweating like i do when i drink them in the summer. fall is everything good.

fall is especially perfect for aimless afternoon driving. get in yer car and cruise, baby. and what october drive would be complete without a rockstar playlist to accompany it? have no fear. the october playlist is here. it includes a one direction song. i never ever saw that coming in a hundred million years.

october mix

each year : ra ra riot

you : gold panda

in nothing : sea wolf

lost at sea : the great american canyon band

joy of nothing : foy vance

steal my girl : one direction

at home : crystal fighters

feels like we only go backwards : tame impala

ante up*** : ages and ages

cardiac arrest : bad suns

happy fall to you and yours.

internet gems. part eight.

Friday, October 3, 2014

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every type of comment you will find on any food blog post

how to make life better. a video.

this card is how i feel most of the time around my boyfriend.

simple craft: dipped pencils

i'm making chicken stew for a date with my roommate tonight. the blogger lady raves about it for 10 sentences at the beginning of the post. let's see if i can make it without screwing it up.

i've only browsed through her last three posts, but i think i may have found my latest blogger crush.

this girl's tumblr. i don't really understand how tumblr works. is it more like a blog? is it more like a pinterest? don't know. but meg does it well.

every single link in kiki's bits and pieces post. (i stole one or two for this list!)


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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smelling: the scents of fall! fall is my absolute favorite season (even before it was #cool). i've been stepping out into some crisp mornings and breathing in the wonderful, fresh air. the scent is invigorating and inspiring. i always feel my best self in the fall. i feel the most creative and inspired and happy when the leaves and temperature begin to drop.

loving: i can't say fall again, can i? i'm saying it.

planning: a trip to california! my boyf is standing up in a wedding for one of his buddies in two weeks, and i get to tag along as his date and adventure buddy. we will be going back to the area where i was born-monterey/carmel/pacific grove. i don't have many expectations for the trip except to hang with my sweet man and hit up a few choice coffee shops. i am down for whatever else we do! we have talked about driving the 17 mile drive through pebble beach and pacific grove, doing some hiking, hanging with some of his friends and family, and exploring the beach area, etc. bring it on, california.

baking: i have not been baking at all! i've been so busy with life that i haven't been spending much time measuring out the sugar and flour. however, dan and i just ate the best peanut butter ganache brownie last week, and i have it in my head that i want to recreate it. it's next on my to-bake list.

celebrating: a few weeks ago, my roommate joined club 29! bout time. we celebrated with pizza at our favorite place in durham with some of our good girlfriends and then drove to charlotte to spend the weekend with our friend chelsea. we had a great time and amy rang in year 29 with such grace.

linking up here and here. go see what all the fuss is about!

mountain weekend

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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over the labor day holiday, my roommate and i met up with our friend megan for a weekend in the mountains. megan lives in a sweet little house in morganton which is not a far drive from the blue ridge parkway. we spent friday night at her house and then spent saturday hiking, floating down the new river in big blue tubes, and camping out at a campsite in blowing rock. we had a such a great time. girlfriends cannot be replaced or substituted. they are my lifeblood.

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