mountain weekend

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

{photo credit: me}

over the labor day holiday, my roommate and i met up with our friend megan for a weekend in the mountains. megan lives in a sweet little house in morganton which is not a far drive from the blue ridge parkway. we spent friday night at her house and then spent saturday hiking, floating down the new river in big blue tubes, and camping out at a campsite in blowing rock. we had a such a great time. girlfriends cannot be replaced or substituted. they are my lifeblood.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

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{photo credit: me}

what didn't make it to instagram

Friday, September 5, 2014

{photo credit: me, emily}

top left: the newest market where i am selling my goods! it's such a sweet place.
top right: my good friend katie who was super preggo in this picture. she just had her baby a few days ago, and i get to meet him on saturday. #auntielacey
bottom left: zeke
bottom right: a walk through the duke gardens

{photo credit: me}

top left: a sample of some of my newest cards
top right: new dress from loft. dresses are my best friend.
bottom left: planning a trip to california in october. i want to do all the things.
bottom right: saw this mural in downtown milwaukee. you have a million thoughts floating around in your head. choose the most positive.

{photo credit: me, amy}

top left: our apartment at golden hour
top right: sent dan to the grocery store with a very specific list, and he came back with exactly what i asked for. so many kiss rewards.
bottom left: double mom and daughter date.
bottom right: green curves.

{photo credit: me, megan, sarah}

top left: my friend sarah's daughter and her cute little top knot. future fashion blogger in training?
top right: chicken and strawberry salad with balsamic and parmesan.
bottom left: greenery at duke gardens
bottom right: recent hiking trip with my roommate and our good friend megan.

six months

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{photo credit: me}

a whole post devoted to my relationship? yup.

i'm really not one to yammer on and on about my love life. i know i mention my boy in posts here and there, but it's just not my style to gush endlessly (even though i could).

however, today is our six month anniversary, and i would be remiss if i didn't acknowledge it here since this blog is all about my life, and he is a very big part of it.

i've known dan for years, and i had a crush on him since our first introduction. (how could i not? LOOK AT HIM.) he is kind, sweet, encouraging, funny, and super cute to boot. he is way out of my league, and i don't know why he likes me, but i am trying my best to keep him around!

he calls me his dream girl, and i call him the best guy i know. thankful for these past six months with him.

{this picture is one of the first pictures we took together. it's blurry, but it's still one of my favorites.}

september mix

Monday, September 1, 2014

{photo and design credit: me}

hello, all! happy labor day. my friend chelsea and i think the same about this holiday. it's our official herald of autumn. it allows us to breath a heavy sigh of relief that summer is on its way out the door and fall is charging through. it's kind of like "we did it!! we made it through summer without cutting all of our hair off and taking ice baths every day!"

today i am spending the day crafting, going to a durham bulls baseball game, reading, cleaning, shopping for jewelry supplies and hanging with my boy. what are your labor day plans? what's that? listening to rad tunes? aww yeah, i got you covered. 

september mix

american girl : tom petty and the heartbreakers

big light : houses

love natural : crystal fighters

while we go dancing : white rabbits

be the song : foy vance

human : the killers

cavalier : james vincent mcmorrow

on my knees : seryn

lay my body down : the great american canyon band

genesis : grimes

marchin on : onerepublic

hope : kopecky family band

overjoyed : bastille

happy september! get out there and find a leaf to crunch. 

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