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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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spring has sprung. officially. pear blossoms are in full swing. our pool has been drained and refilled with crystal clear water. i wore shorts to the gym today instead of my winter standard: black yoga pants. 
and, aside from the fact that my legs were white enough to make casper gasp, my legs didn't look half bad. thank you, rpm class for literally kicking my butt into shape.

this is the time of year to cruise with your windows down and your tunes up before it gets stifling hot and you feel like you might fry like an egg on the sidewalk. 

here are a few jams that might just be the two tickets to paradise* you're looking for.

*april mix*

one lovely day : citizen cope

spiritus : lisa mitchell

arizona : kings of leon

love of an orchestra : noah and the whale

amsterdam : peter bjorn and john

old friend : sea wolf

ends of the earth : lord huron

over you : dose

stars (hold on) : youngblood hawk

brother : matt corby

noche nada : givers

frivolous life : yesyou

houseboat babies : reptar

cough syrup : young the giant

let's go : matt and kim

happy spring! now to pick some daffodils. 

*that song didn't actually make the cut. sorry, eddie money. it's not you. it's your awful song.

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