february mix

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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happy february! every month when i curate my mixes, i try to pick a theme to base my playlists around. it usually tends to be whatever major holiday is happening that month, but that can be challenging because, really, how many songs are there about st. patrick's day? if there isn't a holiday to build a list around, my "themes" get really subtle and subjective: "i'm feeling happy about the bagel i ate this morning. this will make a great playlist theme." (it doesn't.)

since i am a big valentine's day fan, this month is one of my favorites to put together. however, unlike past february mixes, this playlist is a mixed bag. i usually do all lovey dovey songs, but i've realized that's not totally fair nor is it even the case for many people. i love a good love song as much as the next person, (boy, do i love them) but there is good and deep therapy in songs about heartbreak. having gone through a breakup myself last year, i know the tug of war that goes on between your mind and your heart when a relationship ends. it's hard and painful and lonely, and sometimes only a song can nail exactly what you're feeling. seriously, music is therapy.

also, i realize there are plenty of people out there who are neither in giddy love nor grief stricken with a broken heart. there are songs on this playlist for ya'll. i try to cover all my bases. all in a blogger's day's work.

pssst: look along my sidebar for the music player to listen to this playlist in its entirety. i've always just assumed you knew it was there but never actually mentioned it. but you guys are smart. hopefully you've figured it out before now.

february mix

step out : jose gonzalez

kiss me : ed sheeran

more time : needtobreathe

dreaming with a broken heart : john mayer

chocolate : the 1975

sea of love : the national

your firefly : ben cocks

wild heart : great american canyon band

tessellate : alt-j

hold on when you get love and let go when you give it : stars

beautiful war : kings of leon

you are goodbye : holly conlan

brother : matt corby

tell your heart heads up : mute math

who you love : john mayer feat. katy perry

happy listening!


  1. Mmm love the Stars song. I've loved them for so long and am so happy to know there are others with exceptional musical taste out there!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. they are great! i really love your ex-lover is dead. now that i'm thinking about it, i should have added it to this playlist! ah well, there's always next year. :-)

  2. love your playlists! I really like that John Mayer & Katy Perry one, as well as Ed Sheeran.

    1. thank you! yeah, both of those songs are on repeat. good thing i have the apartment to myself. jamming out loud!

  3. I love finding out new music! Great playlist girly :)
    xo TJ


    1. thanks! i love making them every month. i think i like doing it more than people like listening to it but whatever. haha. :-)

  4. Love your taste in music! Also equally love your blog. Can't wait to read more from you. :)


    1. thank you! so sweet. ditto to you. i checked yours out and liked what i saw. coming back for more! :-)


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