internet gems. part nine.

Monday, February 9, 2015

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it's monday, and we all know what that means. we all need a good old fashioned pick me up. how about some fun links to distract you from your monday blues? onward!

square hold and circular shapes. (you can thank my mom for this one.)

DIY concrete hexagon coasters

this girl's tumblr. just go.

this one you will have to do a little work on: go to pinterest or google. type in "bacon egg cups". find the recipe with the best looking picture. make these for breakfast. (i am going on week two with these guys. so easy and so good.)

babies eating ice cream.

customizable key tags. some of these are pretty awesome.

spoken in the shop, volume 20

paper arrows to make and use on valentine's day. anyone can play cupid.

i recently bought this pair of grey slip on shoes, and i love them so much. then i saw this post and it just confirmed the whole thing for me, ya know?

all of the prints in this etsy shop. i also follow this girl on instagram, and she and her family are pretty darn cute. insta: @love_sarahjoy

what have you guys been finding across the web these days? i feel like i am out of the loop so please fill me in if there has been some huge viral video going around. i need to know these things.

is your monday better now? maybe a little?


  1. i'd like to meet your mom one day. she sounds awesome!!


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