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Friday, March 16, 2012

{photo credit: me}

i'm here! i'm here! ooops. didn't mean to go MIA on you for over a week. guess that's what happens when you turn another year older and start forgetting things. actually, i didn't forget you at all. i was just having too much fun to sit still for more than five minutes and write a bloggy post. 

this past birthday was one of the best birthdays i've had in my whole 27 years of sparkly life. from the moment i woke up till late evening, i felt extremely loved.

{photo credit: me}

my roommate woke me up in the wee hours of the morning by coming into my room and singing and dancing around. she had made us a delicious breakfast of turkey bacon, eggs, starbucks coffee, and, my favorite, a pink mini birthday doughnut.

{photo credit: amy}

as if breakfast wasn't enough, she then hands me a huuuge birthday pressie. whatisit? whatisit? i rip it open to find this letterpress. ya'll. a letterpress. i've been wanting this exact one for years. no joke. i asked santa for it a few christmases ago, but his elves couldn't produce it fast enough, and it was backordered for months. i eventually decided to cancel my reservation, but i've mentioned it to amy in passing a few times. never in a million years did i think she would get it for me. she really loves me.

{photo credit: emily}

when i got to work, my co-workers had decorated my desk in ribbons and banners and a handmade heart garland. my keyboard and mouse were wrapped up in ribbon, and my friend emily had a few treats from starbucks waiting for me. red velvet whoopie pie, what? during lunch we all ate together in the break room and had cupcake brownies, ice cream, and toppings galore. is there anything better?

{photo credit: kelsey}

after work, amy and our friends liz and kelly had plans to have a birthday dinner at a restaurant in downtown raleigh. we headed over to lizzy's to pick her up, but when i opened the door to her apartment, the room was completely dark. and then i heard it: SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

are you kidding? a surprise party? who is the luckiest girl in the world?! meeeeeee!

{photo credit: liz}

amy and liz had been planning this for about two weeks or so and had invited a ton of my friends. my family even drove an hour and a half from southern pines to make it. there were margaritas, tons of desserts, homemade mexican food, a tinkerbell piñata, pressies, cards, balloons, and "lacey" spelled out in pink tape on the wall. i'm not sure who thought of that, but i want it on my birthday from here on out.

{photo credit: amy} 

i still can't believe how great the whole day was. i can't believe how much work and time and effort my rooms put into making me feel like a birthday queen. i think about it and get fuzzy.

surprisingly, my birthday celebrating is still not over! i'm going home this weekend to celebrate with my family, and my friend chelsea is coming into town to hang in so. pines and par-tay!

dear 27th birthday, thank you for being the greatest. you made me feel loved and so very special. you made me totally forget that i'm now one year closer to being 30.


  1. i'm the first, i'm the first. i kept checking to look for this blog. i checked in thirty minutes ago and nada. so glad i gave it one last look. you did have a sparkly day honey. and like you said, it aint over yet!!!!!!

  2. Ms. Anonymous is not very! Lacey, I am glad you had a fab-o birthday. I say, make it last all year....


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