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Friday, April 27, 2012

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happy friday! this weekend my roommate and i are road tripping to the great state of south carolina to visit her boyfriend and friends and then back to nc for some time with our small group girls at badin lake. looking forward to getting away even though it's just for a short time. we always have a blast with these friends, and i'm expecting no less this time! 

for our drive, amy and i are both making some stellar playlists including top-notch artists such as justin bieber and wiz khalifa. (if they had a song collaboration, i would lose my mind.) since i have today off, i will be creating the world's greatest dessert bars to sustain us on the open road. allow me to introduce you to the carmelita

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one of my co-workers made them this week, and everyone in the office went crazy. literally crazy. people were running down the hall knocking pictures off the walls. it could have been the insane amounts of sugar and butter. i promise to devote an entire post to these babies soon. they're so good they deserve their own blog, but i really don't know how to make that successful. 

until next time, happy weekending! what are your plans?

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