absent but not forgotten

Friday, September 21, 2012

well, hey. remember me? i have been MIA on the blog for a while, and i miss you guys.

the thing is, i've met someone. this month called september happened and we fell in love so quickly. it's been a whirlwind, and we've basically spent every waking moment together. this is what september and i have been up to lately...

{photo credit: me}

an earring class at ornamentea. so much fun, and i made seven pairs of earrings to boot!

{photo credit: me}

wilmington/wrightsville day trip. the sun, the ocean, the palm trees, the huge plates of mexian food we ate for dinner. with that kind of combination how can you have a bad day? unless you're the scrooge or something.

{photo credit: me}

my roommate's 27th! ain't she something in that party hat, mom cardigan, and shiny bowling shoes? i am so blessed to have a bestie and roommate built into one convenient person. she's the best, and she doesn't judge me when i eat half a cheeseburger and spoonfuls of cool whip for dinner.

{photo credit: me}

weekend trip to dc. we stayed in georgetown, went wedding dress shopping with amy's old roommate, ate dinner at clyde's, and i got to have breakfast my good childhood friend rebecca at bread and chocolate. we also went to a wine fest in virginia and enjoyed lots of tasty samples including holiday spiced (christmas in your cup) and jalapeño wine. (oy! that one was a kick to the mouth). good times were had by all.

{photo credit: me}

and this just happened today. our new couch is here! we were borrowing a couch from a friend, but when she moved and took it with her, i decided to become a real adult and invest in a couch to call my own. this part is important: it didn't come from goodwill. that's how much of an adult i am. now where did my bowl of my chocolate cocoa puffs with sugar star marshmallows go? i'm hungry.

sorry i've been absent. i'm still in the honeymoon stages with my new lover, autumn. soon enough we'll be tired of each other, and i'll be back with regular blog posts. 


  1. Love, love, love the couch! What a big girl you are, indeed! Where did you get it? And love seeing all your pictures and knowing you are well. B.

  2. Glad that you are loving September and Autumn.I especially like the earrings that you made on the bottom right so cute!



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