view from the weekend

Sunday, September 9, 2012

{photo credit: me}

last trip to the beach this season. took a day trip to wrightsville, and it was quite lovely. lots of beach napping. (like so many naps). 

there was also a walk through downtown wilmington and a stop at flaming amy's burrito barn. we made sure we were long out of our bikinis before we sat down and stuffed ourselves with burritos and chips and queso. after a meal like that nobody wants to see you in a bathing suit. 

goodbye, beach. thanks for a good time. i'll holler at you next year. 


  1. goodbyesummer, hello beautifulfall. i too look forward to tights and boots and church rummage sales.

  2. Goodbye Summer Hello Fall. I'm looking forward to the change in seasons too! I'm sad that I no longer have leaves to run and jump in. Jump in a leaf pile for me will you :)


  3. Love you! I had so much fun!!!


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