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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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sweet brittany from created has tagged me to share a "five things" post. the pressure's on because her post was simultaneously sweet, witty, and serious. i can hardly be one of those things at a time, much less three. deep breath.

1. without my morning coffee i am one crabby patty. i don't drink it to wake myself up, i drink it because it's good. it's my morning habit/ritual/vice/addiction.

2. i'd rather listen to you than talk about myself. (it's true despite the fact that i have a blog where all i do is yammer on and on about myself).

3. i was born in sunny california. i will live there again one day. this will happen in one of two ways.
i will either meet and marry a nice, rich doctor. or (and this is probably more likely)
i will be poor and live in a tent on the beach.

4. when someone says "we should go on a road trip!" at first i'm all like "yeaaahhhh!" but then i start to worry about it because road trips with the wrong person is just bad news. if you want to find out if you are compatible with someone (a friend, a crush), go on a road trip with them. it will be the best/worst trip everrrrrr. like totally. 

5. the last bite. hardly anything makes me more happy than someone giving me their last bite. especially if it's dessert. it's likely i will put them in my will after a gesture like that. 

ok, well there you have it. now, i choose chelsea, jacqueline, laura, and shayla to post their own five things! c'mon ladies. show us what you're working with.


  1. my fivies:
    babies giggling: experiencing that is something close to heaven.
    90%off sale: on anything, from expired valentine candy to men's power tools
    Coffee: that someone else buys me
    Too cute: the animal channel that features deliciously adorable puppies and kitties
    Picking strawberries: warm day, dirty knees, oh so sweet juicy red berries.
    only five?

  2. You are just too cute, Lacey! Although living in a tent on the beach sounds fun, I think you'll marry a very rich man! Let's hope for that :) Also.. so sweet about the last bite! That is funny because I love sharing and and dislike taking the last bite.. We would be friends, you and I ;)

    1. it was a fun idea! thanks for tagging me. and, yes, we would be friends in real life. if you are ever in nc, we're having a coffee date. i will buy cheesecake, and you will give me the last bite. :-)

  3. Oh! Thanks for tagging me! I'll have to post something soon (I have been pretty MIA lately so this is going to change that!).

    I totally relate to wanting to listen instead of talk. I'd rather not talk about myself unless I have to, which makes interviews extremely difficult for me. Also, California! How cool to have been born there. I have no doubt you will meet that rich doctor someday and make it happen :)

    1. good! i miss your posts, but i definitely understand how it goes. i've been MIA myself since my birthday! i am going to try to remedy that this week.

  4. ¡me gusta mucho tu blog! ¿Te gustaría seguirnos una a la otra? También en bloglovin, facebook y hasta lookbook si quieres... déjame saber. <3


  5. Replies
    1. i always love reading lists like this on blogs. it was just as fun writing it! your turn? :-)

  6. Haha we can share that tent, you and me :P
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award btw! Check it out here:

    1. haha seriously! somehow i always find enough money for coffee, though. priorities! ;-)

  7. I totally agree about the roadtrip - it is great fun with the right people, if not it'll be the looooongest trip ever.

    1. yes! it helps if there are more people in the car, too. that way you can bounce around with conversations. and a good road trip always needs good tunes.


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