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Saturday, March 2, 2013

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na na na na na na. they say it's my birthday! happy birthday to me! 
yeah, kids. march heralds the world's greatest day second only to christmas. MY BIRTHDAY. 

i will be 28 this year which makes me want to cry a little and celebrate a lot. i think our culture celebrates being young so much that getting older makes me feel like i'm not valued as much. it's all about being young and wild and free but hardly ever about being responsible and mature. or maybe i just browse through pinterest images too much. (you pinterest people know what i'm talking about i think).

that being said, i actually still feel very young and not all that "adult" most of the time. so, maybe i've got the best of both worlds? i have the wisdom of a mature 28 year old (ha!) and the attitude of a 22 year old.
a 22 year old who likes to be in bed by 10pm on weeknights, that is. 

in celebration of my birthday, here is a compilation of some rocking good tunes. it may be my birthday month, but that doesn't mean i can't give you a gift. 

* march birthday mix! *

anything could happen (blood diamond remix) : ellie goulding

breezeblocks : alt-J

picasso : the cinema

blinding light : jethro fox

holidays : miami horror

born at the right time : dappled cities

wipe your eyes : maroon 5

spotlight : leagues

farther along : josh garrels

crush on you (knife party remix) : nero

nothing but time : opus orange

baby i'm yours : arctic monkeys

around us : jonsi

anyone else have a march birthday? let's toast!


  1. i wish i was there to celebrate with you! raincheck for may?

  2. oh, most definitely! how is your internship??

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope that you have an amazing one! Being 28 isn't so bad, I think that was actually my best year.

    Anything can happen by Ellie Goulding is actually also one of my favorite songs of the moment too :)


    1. thanks, jamie! i'm actually looking forward to my "big day". i think presents and cake will help me forget that i'm getting older. ;-)


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