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Monday, May 20, 2013

{photo credit: me}

as part of my "new year's resolution" i mentioned in this post, my goal for 2013 was/is to be brave in my words and deeds. one way i attempted (emphasis emphasized) to do that was to apply to be an artist in a local craft market. if you read that post, you already know that i failed. crashed and burned. was rejected. cried alligator tears as i read my dear john breakup letter. but you will also know that i decided to turn my bellyflop into something good. i decided to volunteer at both of the craft markets that had turned my application down. it was a great 2nd place prize. 

{photo credit: me}

i volunteered at the durham rock and shop in april. you can read about it here. the second craft fair i volunteered at was the handmade market held in downtown raleigh in cobblestone hall. i volunteered at this market a few years ago and got a sweet goodie bag as part of my thank you. if i wasn't going to be a vendor, i was definitely going to to get another one of those. 

{photo credit: me}

along with several other volunteers, i spent the morning greeting artists as they arrived, assisting them as they unloaded their cars, carrying their wares inside, fending off the stray lookie-loos (nosy people who wandered inside before the event started), and handing out totes to the customers once our doors officially opened.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

i had a fun time helping out at this event, and i'm hoping that one day i will be one of the artists! when that moment comes, you can trust that i will write about six blog posts about it.

and i did get another goodie bag just in case you were wondering. in this goodie bag there were peanut butter cups, dark chocolate hershey kisses, mini heath bars, a bar of soap, and a coffee shop gift card. it was a good day. 


  1. How fun! Events like that are great for networking! I believe you will have an artists' booth one day!!

    1. it was fun! and i met some great people. i hope it happens one day for sure. :-)


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