Monday, September 30, 2013

{photo credit: me}

oh, hey. didn't see you there. i was too busy staring at myself in the mirror. because have you seen me today? i look fabulous. 

you know how you feel after you get a great new haircut and maybe a sassy new shirt? like a shirt with glitter letters that says something like "gonna be a star!" on it? that's how i feel. except that instead of a new haircut i got a new header and instead of glitter letters i got social media buttons. 

i really liked my blog before, but it needed a kick in the blog pants. something to give it a little oomph. nothing too drastic but i wanted a new design to create a little more cohesion and a little less patchwork quilt. 

i'm loving the result! still want to do a few tweaks here and there and maybe play around with the font a bit more, but overall i am very pleased with the new look. i keep opening up new tabs on my browser to watch it pop up on the screen. it's like playing peek-a-boo with myself. i get this silly grin on my face when i see my new header on the screen. gross. 

i can't take complete credit for this makeover even though i really want to. the wonderful people behind mlekoshiPlayground really know their stuff. thanks for your help and wonderful customer service!

like what you see? i know i do.


  1. love it. noticed it before you even blogged about it!!!!!

    1. you are quite the mom/stalker aren't you! :-)

  2. Love it. Love you. I am bloglovin you!

    1. the best kind of lovin is bloglovin. thanks, candy!


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