internet gems. part one.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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the web is a strange and wonderful place. see for yourself. 

one day i hope to attend one of these
i got one similar this weekend. except a lot cheaper at tjmaxx.
rooney in carts
these gorgeous boots for super cheap. who owes me a favor worth $44?
this past sunday was national coffee day, but don't think the celebrating has passed. get out there and order a double espresso.
chelsea sent this article to me. good words. 
this list. it's about fall. mad crushing on fall. 
something about this outfit shoot has me wrapped around its finger. i just love it. 
tote bag with a good message
and guys think girls have too many options
recreating this outfit.
taking a calligraphy class has been on my mind. 
the lazy girl's guide to seasonal decor. yep.
honest gushing. it's about marriage, but it's not cheesy.
space jams. listen to this. please, please, please.

what have you found that you'd say was an internet gem? or even fool's gold if that's all you've got. i'd take an internet fool's gold. 


  1. your blog was delightful, kept me busy all afternoon. also made me want to bargain hunt in tjmax while wearing awesome boots, sipping coffee and picturing myself being the subject of a blog about cool chicks.

    1. i'll join you in this delightful afternoon.

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my lazy girls' guide! I love your blog, definitely adding it to my reader. :) I've actually taken the calligraphy course you linked to. I learned so much, it's a good one!

    1. i actually found your through that calligraphy class! well, i was inspired to do a google search after i read about it and here you came along. love your blog. you sassy.


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