november mix

Friday, November 1, 2013

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it's been a long time since i've posted a new monthly mix on the 1st of the new month. i think my record was like the 18th once? small victories.

this month i'm anticipating two big events-one sad, one happy. on the 23rd, my dear roommate of four years is moving across the pond to jolly old england. how dare she, right? she's supposed to live with me forever and ever. i mean. we talked about this. 

fortunately, three days later i will be boarding a plane to join her in cambridge for a week of vacation. this is going to give me emotional whiplash. sad! happy! crying basket case! laughing like a maniac! it should provide some great blog post inspirations. 

i'm already getting sad thinking about her leaving. let's distract ourselves with some music. ok.

you will notice a slight country theme this month. over the years, my roommate has converted me to country music, and i've introduced her to lots of "weird indie bands". i think of her when i hear certain country songs. they will carry me through the dark times once she's gone.

november mix

i need my girl : the national

light it up : one republic

soon as you can : dierks bentley

we are golden : black light dinner party

kids : mikky ekko

nedding/getting : ok go

mine would be you : blake shelton

young blood : the naked and famous

 what's wrong with your eyes : sin fang

downtown : lady antebellum

bad blood : bastille

tongues (feat KOPPS) : joywave

state of grace : taylor swift

afraid : the neighbourhood

happy listening! what's on your music rotation?


  1. great mix, lady! i have to say, i am NOT a country music person, but the way you snuck it in there made me kinda like it. :)

    1. i used to loathe country music. so i challenged my roommate to convert me. and she did. foiled! bah!

  2. Your words are beautiful. and same with your photos!

    1. thank you! i feel like i just tend to ramble on and on and not make any sense, but i'm glad to know i have some moments of clarity. :-)

  3. Mmm Bastille, Mmm the neighborhood. I love this. So jealous that your roomie is moving to England! She's living my dream! Cannot wait to see your vacation photos!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. she's living everyone's dream! it will be a BLAST. i think i should go ahead and start packing? i mean, the trip is in like three weeks. so. yes, i should probably start now.


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