internet gems. part three.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

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happy halloween! i work at a dental office, and today we gave away candy to our patients. job security.

i don't like halloween crafts. i just care so little. however, i care very much about mallow pumpkins.

ankle boots. i used to picket against them. they were the enemy. then i bought a pair on super sale ($6) and they bewitched me body and soul. how do you style them? like this

surfers and lovers.

vermont legislature. doing it right.

tall socks. how are you feeling about the way you feel about them?

really wanting to sign up for this skillshare class. skillshare is what all the cool kids are doing it which is the only reason i'm doing it. so when i find out they've moved on to something else i'll probably follow them there. and then i'll be all "deuces, skillz".

one glass house that i would never throw rocks at.

yes, i realize it's october. i still want it.

dress your tech.

older and wiser and richer in one year. bookmark this. reference it often.

you may be too old for trick or treating, but you can still wear a costume and get cheap food. chipotle for dinner!

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