Monday, July 7, 2014

{photo credit: me}

hello and happy monday! hope everyone had a nice long holiday weekend. for whatever reason, my boss also gave us today off. i didn't complain one bit.

so i'm a tad late to the game with this one. anne and jenna hosted a "currently" link-up which went live on the second, but even though i'm late, i figured i'd join in anyways. i love sharing my currentlies with you all.

wishing // for a giant slice of chocolate cake to appear in front of me. wish big or go home.

celebrating // my boyfriend and i recently celebrated four months. i know it's not a big milestone anniversary or anything, but you have to start somewhere, right? he's been a huge addition to my life, and i am thankful for him every day.

wearing // my bathing suit. whether it's poolside or beachside, i've been enjoying some quality time in the sun and water. if you can't beat the humidity, play in it!

cooking // chicken salad. i forgot how easy and delicious this is. i made a big batch to take with us last weekend to the beach, and it was very simple to put together. it really just requires some chopping and stirring once the chicken breasts have been poached. i used this recipe. give it a try!

planning // an upcoming bestie weekend with my girls. my two college girlfriends, my roommate and i are meeting in my hometown of southern pines for some quality girl time. we try to get together fairly frequently to catch up and do some shopping and coffee/wine drinking. i love my girlfriends, and it is always so nice when we can make all our of schedules coordinate to hang out. i anticipate lots of giggling about boys.

what are you guys currently up to? happy monday!


  1. Loving that suit! I'm currently nursing some sunburn but I am jealous of all your time spent by the pool! I'm sure you have a pretty fierce tan :) I am a bug fan of chicken salad (especially during summer) so I am definitely going to have to try out this recipe. And your girls weekend sounds so fun! There is nothing better than getting together with your best girlfriends and enjoying good food/drinks and chatting about life and boys! I hope you have a fabulous time!

    1. nursing your sunburn from what seems like the most wonderful beach trip! totally worth it. :-) i made yet another big batch of chicken salad tonight. it's just so easy! and it's perfect for hot summer days when the last thing you want for lunch is something hot. it might be my new go-to? yeah i am definitely looking forward to the weekend with my girls! i know you can relate after reading about the time you spent with your sister and good friend. nothing else like good girlfriends. they are life savers!

  2. girls weekends are seriously the best. a few weeks ago, my girlfriends and i took a roadtrip to the states and it was so much fun! sounds like you ladies are going to have a blast!! also- i love your swimsuit! those colours are so pretty and perfect for summer. :)

    1. yes, they are! the best best. where do you lives? where did you travel to in the states? did you have a great time?? that sounds like the perfect combo-girlfriends and the open road! thanks for stopping by. :-)


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