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Monday, July 14, 2014

{photo credit: me, dan, nice random guy}

top left: beautiful view from a camping trip in early spring
top right: goodies from the farmers market
bottom left: breakfast of champions
bottom right: double date rock climbing

{photo credit: me, amy}

top left: crab quesadilla at food truck rodeo
top right: date with my dad
bottom left: roommate date night at parts and labor in durham
bottom right: the best birthday card

{photo credit: me}

left side: ootd featuring the most comfortable target maxi dress
top right: my cute parents loving on each other
bottom right: little bebe succulent

{photo credit: me, mom}

top left: good advice on pavement
top right: custard at the ballgame. hey, batta batta.
bottom left: keep it dirty, durham.
bottom right: canoeing along with my adventure man

{photo credit: me, dan}

top left: proud artist displaying her wares
top right: working on a new jewelry display
bottom left: the prettiest dozen roses from my crush
bottom right: pool days

what's happening in your non-instagram world?


  1. Aww, it looks like you've been enjoying summer! I am loving that target maxi!! I might have to go look and see if I can find it at my target (that would be my third time there within a week...shh)

    1. i think it's probably on sale at this point! i think i got it maybe a month ago? go check it out! yes, i am actually enjoying summer (my least favorite season) by staying busy and spending a lot of time in the pool. i hope you are! when are you moving to NC?

  2. love the photos of a wonderful precious life. keep snapping, good memories. and why does my arm look HUGE!!!!?

    1. muscle huge you mean. my mum is all bicep.

  3. hey that card looks familiar :D i'm going to keep up with your life on your bloggie until i make it back to see your pretty face

    1. that card makes me happy maybe because i can relate to it so well! haha. yes, please follow my boring life on my blog until we can reunite over dental charts. lurve you!

  4. love it. you're beautiful :)

    1. aww shucks. i'm blushing. YOU are beautiful! had a great coffee date on friday and loved seeing you last night! xoxo

  5. I love you. I love your blogs. I also love you and Dan. Cutest couple award.

    1. i love you. i love my blog. i also love dan. he makes us cute! it's all him. one more thing: gavin degraaaawwwww!

  6. What a cute post idea!!

    1. thanks! i have about a million pictures in my phone that i don't put on social media so i thought my blog would be a great place to put them. photo overload!


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