november mix

Monday, November 3, 2014

{photo credit: me}

november has arrived! we are getting into the good season, y'all. the cold months, the leaves falling, the mornings wrapped in your warmest blankets. as i write this, i am bundled up in my neon pink bathrobe with bedhead to match. i look very attractive.

yesterday was my first craft market, and i can't wait to tell you guys about it. it was so much fun, and even though the weather took a turn for the bitter cold and windy, we still had some shoppers and had fun hanging out. will recap soon!

in the meantime, won't you enjoy some november tunes?

november mix

honey i'll try : emile miller

byegone : volcano choir

wild heart : bleachers

thinking out loud : ed sheeran

bleeding out : the lone bellow

wake me : bleachers

blue stockings : sea wolf

lights : phantogram

your head and your heart : the saint johns

angel in blue jeans : train


  1. YAY!! Another great mix as always! I'm sure I'll be listening to this all day :) I'm loving this weather and watching all the leaves change. I can't wait to hear all about the craft market!! I'm sure it went fabulously!!

    1. i have been listening to yours! i like your mix of old and new.

  2. Thank goodness for this!! I am weeks behind on blog reading ((and writing)) and totally in need of something to listen to while I scroll through my endless bloglovin feed. Thanks for some great songs!! :)

    1. i am way behind on blog reading and writing! good grief! where does the time go? hope my playlist helped you while browsing. :-)


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