Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{photo credit: me}

feeling: cold! the weather is dropping and my car was all frosty this morning. i don't mind. in fact, i wouldn't mind taking some of the snow off buffalo's hands. i think they have a few feet to spare.

baking: chocolate zucchini muffins. but before you go and think i'm some sort of baker extraordinaire, just let me tell you how they turned out by using some really descriptive adjectives: hard. flat. paperweighty. door stoppery. my boyfriend somehow managed to force down two for breakfast one morning this week. how he did that i do not know. he must have been desperate.

thinking about: the season that is upon us. this is my favorite time of year but this season already seems busier than normal. i tend to get caught up in the activities of the holiday season and miss the whole point of why i celebrate. i am trying to slow down and take time to focus on the importance of it all.

listening to: well, of course 1989. that's a given. but last weekend i was given an ep from a local band called bird and beast. they played at the maker's market and were super fun to listen to. afterwards, one of the band members came up to me and handed me one of their cd's. i am digging it! check them out on bandcamp!

reading: i need some suggestions! i am slowly making my way through grace for the good girl, and it is really good, but i always like to be reading a fiction book as well. throw some ideas at me!

what's on your currently list?


  1. I am with you about the whole weather thing. It's been in the 30's here lately and, in my opinion, if it's that cold there needs to be snow on the ground. I've been listening to some of 1989, too! My sister bought the cd and has been raving about it so I need to the listen to the whole thing. What are your favorite songs off of it? I did go ahead and change my ringtone to "Blank Space" lol. As far as reading goes, I'm more than halfway done with the Harry Potter series and then after that I plan on reading "Gone Girl". I hope you have a nice weekend! Anything fun planned? Stay warm!

  2. Freezing. I would like Buffalo to keep their snow and take the frost off my car haha. 1989 is absolutely the playlist of my life right now. I wish I could suggest something good to read but my list is pretty empty and I am in need of something fun to read! I'll have to do some recon for us both ;)

    1. is this your fave album of hers? in my opinion, red is hard to top! please find some new books for us! (not that i don't have a bookshelf full of books but still...ha!) happy late thanksgiving!


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