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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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i'm here! i'm alive! life is good. and busy. and i don't really mind at all that i've been absent from this space for three weeks. no offense to any of my awesome readers. i just realize that sometimes i need to live my life and unplug from the computer as soon as i get home from work. it's been a great three weeks "off duty".

i celebrated christmas with my family, got to see my dad for the first time since july (he lives in idaho), watched my brother get married to his lovely bride, gained a sister-in-law, celebrated 10 months with my guy, visited my best girls in charlotte, participated in my best craft market to date, drank lots of coffee, finished my reading goal for 2014 and started my new goal for this year, and found two pairs of really great jeans on sale for $30. thirty. not one hundred and thirty like some stores like to charge. #jcrewmadewellbananarepublic

life is feeling full these days, and i am very thankful. i hope to get back to more regular posting, but even if it's not as frequent as i intend, i'm ok with that. i want my posts to be genuine and not just words on a computer screen. i think one of my problems i that i don't know how to properly balance everything going on in my life. blogging tends to get pushed to the back burner because it's not absolutely pressing like other things are. (things like work. and relationships. and trying that new coffee shop down the street.) not that i don't enjoy blogging. i really do! but when i have to decide between a dinner date with my boyfriend or blogging about a cookie i ate at lunch, i'm definitely choosing my handsome man. can you guys relate? i think i have been reading posts about this here and there so hopefully it makes sense to you.

anyways, just wanted to pop in a say hi and a happy happy new year to you and yours! is it cliche to say 2015 will be the best year yet? i already know this answer to this. i'm just asking because it's polite. here's to 2015, the best year yet!

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