Wednesday, January 14, 2015

this video is super fun and cute. i just found it yesterday, and i love watching it! i got an itunes gift card for christmas, and i think i might know what my next song purchase is...

any good songs you're jamming out to lately? i need some new recommendations. i'm heading over to noisetrade to check out their newest free music. if you haven't been to that site, you MUST. it's the best thing on the internet. besides buzzfeed and this blog that is. but mostly buzzfeed because you realize at this point that i can't be trusted to post consistently.

happy hump day, y'all!


  1. No matter how many times my sister tells my awesome Maroon 5's latest album is, I still haven't listened to the whole thing and I'd never heard this song before. LOVE it! And this music video is the cutest thing. I've never heard of noisetrade before but I'm definitely gonna have to check it out. Who doesn't love free music? And I'm loving the new profile pic!! So lovely :)

    1. i think by fave maroon 5 album will always be songs about jane, but a few songs off their newest album are jams! this video totally makes this song. (i have been finding myself getting very emotional over this video...what's wrong with me?) you NEED to check out noisetrade! you would LOVE it. i know you will appreciate it because of your awesome taste in music. if you have any music you're currently into, please fill me in!

  2. so glad you are back!

  3. I adore this video!! It makes me emotional too so don't worry about that. I would have just died if Adam Levine showed up randomly at my wedding! Ugh, I love him so. And noisetrade sounds that a fantastic thing; I'm off to check it out :)


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