internet gems. part ten.

Monday, May 18, 2015

{photo credit}

this mama's workout. i really love when i see moms including their kids in their workout routines. not only is it darn cute, but they are further proving that moms are super heroes. i don't have any youngins running around, and i can't seem to make it to the gym some days. you go, moms.

i recently bought THE white dress for my big day, but this little white dress is pretty on point for all of the days when you don't get married.

i've been in a rut with my meal planning. that's a lie. i don't meal plan. i'm not organized enough to meal plan. what i do do is go to target and buy some vegetables and chicken sausage and eggs if i'm out. and last week i bought mangos so that was exciting. perhaps this may produce guide will help me branch out a bit.

spoken in the shop strikes again!

we booked our wedding photographer, and his pictures are just dreamy. *contended sigh* we had our engagement shoot two weeks ago, and i am dying over here to see them. i can't wait!

i used to think that macarons were only good for eating. but i was wrong.

upgrade your thrift store art in a snap.

also. frozen blueberry margaritas. nuff said.


  1. so glad to have you back. missed you. love your gems. neon chalk markers , here i come.

    1. it's kind of a cool idea, right?

  2. i'm so excited for youuu!! can't wait to see your engagement pics!!! <3

    1. yay! he is mailing us a CD with all of them on there. Stay tuned for picture overload. :-)

  3. I need to see more of these engagement photos- your Instagram was such a tease!! I hope you are doing well, lady!!


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