19 truths

Monday, January 23, 2012

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inspired by lori and lindsay...

1. i have never broken a bone, but i think crutches are really cool. my mom bought me a pair as a present last year. it was easier than breaking my leg.

2. sometimes i use my hair straightener as an iron.

3. one of the first things i do in the morning is eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

4. leggingsaspants. yes.

5. i was once chased down/followed by a cop. for miles. at night. on a lonely country road. i accidentally drove though an ID checkpoint, and i was too scared to pull over for fear that he was not a cop but a murderer. what? that's not irrational.

6. i have a huge crush on dennis quaid.

7. i really like going to the batting cages, but i hardly ever go, and i'm pretty sure i'm bad at it. 

8. one year, when i was homeschooled, i dressed up as a rock for halloween. a rock. a. rock. 

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9. i climbed a water tower in college.

10. i think it's a-dorable when boys drink milk. like, i want to melt into a puddle and die it's so cute.

11. i have a phobia of whales. ironically, free willy was my very first vhs.

12. i pride myself in drinking my coffee black and driving stick shift.

13. two years ago, i marched in the raleigh christmas parade dressed as a chef.

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14. if i don't die in a freak accident/murder (see number two), i'd like my last meal to be brownies and ice cream.

15. i love to making cards to sell at swank coffee shop, but i rarely give cards with gifts. dude, i bought you a gift. you want a card, too? really?

16. i've driven and crashed a moped.

17. my older brother pulled my arm out of socket when we were younger.

18. i'm not going to say it's a life goal, but it'd be pretty sweet to be a mascot.

19. this is a life goal: to be part of a flash mob


  1. i think your life goal should be to be totes super=FANTASTICa! because you have already ACHIEVED it. P.S. this is not your mother. how come i didnt know about number five?

  2. Reading these, cracking up, and wondering if I was around when Kelsey was abusing you. I too believe the straightener is crucial for those darn pants and shirts with the curling edges. I've heard stories of way back when ladies used irons as hair straighteners...yikes. I would like to have seen 8 and 16. Love the blog

    1. you were probably a witness to some of the worst beatings. :-) thanks for reading! how are you and your sweet little family?

  3. I feel slightly like a creep because this post is from last year, but I found it from your about page!
    Anyway, I feel like we should be friends based on most of these... I mean I'm currently sitting around in my leggingsaspants ;) And being in a flash mob is on bucket list!! I will start one myself if I have to but I will be doing one before I die! Also, I always worried about being followed by the "police" and not having it be really the police... so I probably would have done the same thing! :)

    1. baha! not a creep. i do this all the time with blogs (and facebook…ahem). i'm glad i'm not the only one who FULLY supports leggingsaspants. it's a thing, people! on most days off, you will find me wearing my stretchy runnings pants, and i'm not even going to the gym. it's all about comfort.


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