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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{photo credit: me}

this past weekend my little brother graduated from high school. i can't tell you how proud i am of him. but i will try. 

i am SO proud of him.

they told us not to cheer for our respective graduate, but i couldn't help but let out a little whoop! when they called his name. (they almost pronounced our last name right. half point.)

{photo credit: dale}

{photo credit: dale}

{photo credit: dad}

i got all weepy when i saw him in his cap and gown for the first time on the field. and then again when i watched him walk across the stage. and again when he spotted us waving to him from the stands. and then once more when i got to finally hug him. i'm actually feeling a little emotional writing this now. what the heck. i think if he reads this, he will think i'm a moron.

{photo credit: mom}

hanging with the graduate at cracker barrel. it's what we do. 

to all the grads of 2012, in the words of mindy kaling, i hope you didn't peak in high school. ok. congratulations!


  1. um. i just got teary reading this. what IS it about graduations? i still cry when i watch the laguna beach graduation episode, though, so as much as i love riley i don't know that the tears are really because of him. but let's not tell him that. congrats, riley!

  2. Yay for Riley pie!!! I cried when I got his announcement in the mail! Our sweet little bro is all grown up!!! So proud!!!


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