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Monday, June 18, 2012

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this past weekend was just delightful. i spent the whole weekend with miss blooming branch in her stomping grounds of charlotte and concord.

we enjoyed a gavin degraw/colbie caillat concert on friday night and spent the majority of the rest of our weekend thrifting, yard saling, shopping at concord mills, grabbing americanos and chai lattes at dilworth coffee, hanging with her family, watching movies (one thriller, one weepy, one romantic), eating junk food, and drinking wine. bliss. 

i spent way too much money on clothes and food, but you know what? totally worth it. i can eat ramen noodles for the rest of the month. actually, that will help my wallet and my waistline. after this weekend, both need some reining in. 

all that fun, and i didn't take one single picture. not one. good thing chelsea is addicted to instagram. 

how was your weekend? 

also, happy (late) father's day to my dad and step-dad! love you both vuurrrry much. 

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  1. awe! just read this. likewise! such a delicious weekend.
    oh. and remember that tank top i made you drive ALL the way back to concord mills so i could buy after five hours of shopping? i took it back.


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