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Monday, June 25, 2012

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i tend to second guess myself. i tend to worry about what people will think of me if i do this over that. i tend to overanalyze imaginary situations and conversations. i tend to keep quiet when i know i should speak up.

what i really need to do is this. pray. think clearly. then, make a choice/choose a path/take a stance.

i will never be able to please everyone at once. it sounds a bit odd, but this always brings me release and comfort. i can be a total people pleaser, wanting everyone to be happy as once. i get stressed if i feel people are unhappy with my decisions. i have to remind myself that if i have considered the Lord in my decision and made myself proud, that's all i can do. and that is enough.


  1. yes yes yes! thats it girl! remember this. pleasing people is not all its cracked up to me. often, we lose ourselves in the process. and what really is behind the pleasing, is it often wanting to be thought of highly and prized by others? if God is for us, and He is, who can be against us. the only person you should want to please is your mother!****(ja ha ha ja te he te he)

  2. amen! i am the same way. that's the best thing that runway for the ballet taught me. it is literally impossible to please everyone all the time. and just because people aren't happy doesn't mean you've done something wrong. i used to think that was true, but it's definitely not!


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