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Monday, November 5, 2012

{photo credit: nice people}

two weekends ago, a group of girlfriends and i got together for a good old fashioned colorful 5k. you know, the kind where you run and get pelted with colored cornstarch along the way. it was a total blast.

{photo credit: me and nice friends}

{photo credit: me and nice friends}

it was such a fun and stress-free race. there were no timing chips. they didn't have an official start time. you just showed up and started running. i didn't see one person with a water belt and no one was eating power gels. if there had been, they would have been laughed off the course by me.

{photo credit: me and nice friends}

{photo credit: me and nice friends}

there was not a clean body in the entire arena. as it should be. 

afterwards, we went to panera and had a lot of people tell us we looked "awesome!" a lot of people also just stared and didn't say anything, but i'm choosing to focus on the former. 

{photo credit: chelsea}

thanks, color me rad for the mostest funnest 5k of my life!


  1. Very cool that you got to do the Color Run. I wish I could have done this in my town as well.



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