little black dress

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{photo credit: mom}

it's a total cliche, but every girl should own one (or eight). the lbd will never ever go out of style especially in a classic shape like this shift dress.

{photo credit: mom}

not much going on with this outfit, but i love the simplicity. sometimes you don't need a lot of bangles or accessories to make an outfit stand out. sometimes one pair of fuchsia suede shoes does the trick.

{photo credit: mom}

you got dust on your shoe? the camera doesn't stop.

{photo credit: mom}

bonus picture. me holding a cat. 

outfit credits
dress and belt: thrifted
shoes: jessica simpson via marshalls


  1. WHERE did you get the shoes? where where where where? and do you wear a size 8 shoe? ;)

  2. someone is trying to impress her male readers. and since when did you ever like cats?


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