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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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today i spent my lunch hour walking along franklin street in downtown chapel hill. i started at the chocolate door and got some treats to-go and then continued my walk for a few blocks to grab coffee at caribou. it was such a gorgeous day, and i'm so glad i got to spend time outside during a busy workday. it was refreshing to breathe in the crisp november air and stretch my legs. here's to beautiful fall days and time spent comfortably outdoors before it gets freeeezing (and hopefully snowy).

*november mix*

november: jesse lafser

mountain town : jon and roy

wear and tear : pete yorn and scarlett johansson

crosses : jose gonzalez

we found each other : city and colour

louder than ever : cold war kids

something to believe in : citizen cope

pioneers : the lighthouse and the whaler

where are the arms : gabriel kahane

amsterdam : peter bjorn and john

love is won : lia ices

old friend : sea wolf

good as new : vacationer

shaken by resistance : a minor swoon

what are you guys listening to these days?

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