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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{photo credit: me}

a few weekends ago, some friends and i went to the mountains for a mini getaway. when you can't afford a week long vacation to anywhere, you make do with a weekend trip and stay in the cheapest hotel you can find. you split the hotel room with four people, eat the hotel's free breakfast every morning, and order soup for lunch (a cup, not a bowl). magically, you're on vacation and affording it.

{photo credit: me}

i can't function without morning coffee. obvi, the dripolator coffee bar was our first stop.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

we spent the afternoon walking around downtown asheville, blowing cash monies on whatever struck our fancy. this meant i bought three bottles of nail polish at $1.50 a pop. what i really wanted to buy were all of those bright, shiny packages tied up with string. santa?

{photo credit: me}

also, the chocolate fetish? just stop. stop with your delicious truffles (all 750 varieties) and your kind employees and your cute bags and sitting tables. i hate you. i love you. get out of my life. come closer.

{photo credit: me and nice friends}

perhaps my favorite part of our trip was happy hour at the battery park book exchange and champagne bar. it's like this place came straight out of my dreams into reality. you take a seat in one of their comfy chairs or outside on their patio area with a good book and nice people bring you glasses of wine and cheese and crackers. they'd probably feed you if you asked them to, but i'm not that high maintenance so i stuck with just a foot rub.

we had a great time on our mini getaway! it's awesome to be able to drive a few hours and spend a weekend away from home. where we going this weekend, guys?

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