oh, deer (head)

Friday, December 14, 2012

{photo credit: me}

this is the story of how cast iron deer head and i met, went home together, became best friends. 

we met a goodwill. he was sitting on the bottom shelf of the knick knack section. i came up and introduced myself. he didn't say much, or anything really. just stared at me with his big, white deer eyes.

i took him home where he sat propped up against my wall. i tried to include him in some fun reindeer games, but he was having none of it. kind of wallflower, turns out.

after a year of passive aggressive notes back and forth, i finally realized he wasn't happy sitting on the floor in my room. he needed a place to call his own.

i called my stepdad and explained the situation. he gave me a list of supplies i'd need and told me he'd be over to help as soon as he could.

{photo credit: me}

pretty soon the plan was in motion. all it took was a little spray paint, a wooden plaque, and a long talk with deer head. we both apologized.

{photo credit: me}

he now hangs triumphantly in my room as my guard deer, keeping watch over me as i sleep. he has found his place in this world.

{photo credit: me}

he's getting a little frisky, too. looking for a good doe to kiss. if you know of any...


  1. Is that mistletoe I see? My goodness--naughty little bugger.

  2. Lucky ducky! I have been looking for a good sized deer head to hang on my wall :) It looks great!


  3. Oh I love this!! That mint plaque was what your deer head needed to shine. He looks fantastic.

  4. tots awesome. hilarious encounter. nice shout out to your talented stepdad

  5. Your deer head looks so good! I also love that your are rocking wrap bracelets in one of your pictures.



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