puppy in a basket

Friday, January 25, 2013

{photo credit}

if i post a picture of a tiny puppy head, i'm immediately forgiven for being MIA lately. right? isn't that the way this relationship works?

and because i've taken an unintentional blogging vacation, here. fun internet links. be entertained.

the countdown has begun
delicate dangle ring
really enjoying this girl's smart writing
i have an anthro card burning a hole in my wallet, and stripes might be the solution (stripes are always the solution)
because of the impending snowpocalypse (i hope, i hope), today might be a great day for baking
simple, decorated plates
would love one of these tables for my light and airy nyc loft apartment that does not exist
to run or not to run?
one day i would love to go here and play with arts and crafts all weekend
this milkshake would most definitely bring boys to my yard
cool desktop backgrounds
my birthday is coming up soon. take the hint. 
cats are icky but this is a great time waster
trendy glasses. come to me.

happy friday! 


  1. Hey, everyone needs a bloggy break!! Hope youve had a great week!

  2. yes the cute puppy helps!


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