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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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i really love books and reading in general, but i confess that i am a serial book hoarder. i find books that seem interesting (read: the cover looks cool) so i buy them. and then they sit on my bookshelf for months and years and generations. it's a very bad habit and one that, as of late, i have been working to amend. it's my only new years resolution. nah, it's not even that because i don't make those. it's just something i'm trying to do. 

here is the stack of books that i am currently reading or at least really really close to beginning.

cold tangerines :  shauna niequist

the late, lamented molly marx : sally koslow

the reason for god : timothy keller

love is a mix tape : rob sheffield

if i am missing or dead : janine latus

stress point : sara francis martin

pour your heart into it : howard schultz

i'm nearly finished with if i am missing or dead, and it's been a great read. sad and eye opening because it's a true story but very well written and engaging. i want to finish a few of the others that i have previously started before jumping into the new ones so i can make a dent in my unread book collection.

does anyone else have a problem with this? i either start a book and then put it down for weeks at a time or i buy a "new" book (at goodwill), and it sits unopened, gathering dust?

"hello, my name is lacey, and i buy books only to abandon them."

that is my scary future if i don't do something about it now. closing my computer and opening a book.

one last thing though. what are you guys reading? fiction or non-fiction? cook books? biographies? how-tos? what's your favorite genre? 


  1. I do the same thing! It's so hard for me to make time to read. I don't think I'm a fast reader either, so if I don't dedicate a good couple hours when I first start a book, I never truly "get into it" and then I'll forget about it for weeks. I really do love reading though... it's just a matter of turning off the TV and the computer!

    Have you ever subscribed to Good Reads? It's an awesome way to track your reading and keep a virtual list of what you want to read next. It's so great to refer to every time I'm looking for something new to read! Here's my page: www.goodreads.com/laurabritton

    1. i do have a good reads account (i think)! it might be a good idea to keep track of my progress. glad i'm not the only one with this problem. :-)

  2. hey, i have the late lamented molly marx book too! and yes, i have the same addiction to buying interesting looking books and then using them for decorations. its okay though,, at least it makes one look smart. grin

    1. you did have it you mean. i took it from your bookshelf.

  3. I also have been known to buy and abandon books in the same way you do. I finally made it one of my new year's goals to finish a couple of books so I could recommend them to people and it has been kind of working. I also got a Good Reads account to try and keep me more accountable.


    P.S. Thanks for the new music monday selection!

    1. that's a good idea. i have told a few friends about certain books i'm reading with the promise that i will let them borrow it when i am done. might actually keep me on track with my goals!

    2. oh yes, i wondered where it was? and how did you know it was me. ? you are something girl:)


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