letter from mom

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

hi, sweetheart.
just wanted to share some precious time with you today. 
when your heart is a bit heavy, mine is, too. 
life is a kaleidoscope of emotions, many crossing thru even in the course of a day. 
hold on the the absolute truth that He loves you 
and is always wonderfully working in your life and heart. 
seasons are necessary. 
dale and i love you and are always here. 
you are a champion, honey. so delightful and utterly awesome. 
xxxoooxx, mumsy

moms know just what to say don't they?


  1. your mom is a very blessed woman to have a daughter like you!

  2. Oh, do they ever! My mom has been gone for over 12 years now, but I still have her letters. I even carry one small piece with encouraging words in my wallet. She's always with me.

    1. i love this. i keep all my letters from my parents. i love being able to go back through them and read their sweet words. i'm so glad you kept your mom's letters. a good reminder of her love.

  3. They really, really do know what to say just when you need to hear it. I think my favorite part of that letter was "seasons are necessary" how very, very true that is. And I needed to hear that today. Thank you for sharing this sweet letter with us, doll!

    1. my mom is a very wise woman. i hope i become like her one day. :-)

  4. It's so cute that you get letters from your mom. I used to love to get letters from my mom ;)



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