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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{photo credit: weheartit.com}

i. love. lists. i love making them. i love reading lists that other people have made. and if it's a to-do list, that feeling you get when you cross something off of your list? nothing beats it. (you list people know what i'm talking about.) most of you who are reading my blog probably already know me pretty well. (hi, mom.) but for those of you who don’t, i'm really interesting. i even made a list about myself. check out all of these cool things about me...

1. pink is my ultimate favorite color.

2. i have a freckle on my right earlobe. so even when i'm not wearing an earring in that ear, it looks like i am. i also have a line of freckles on my arm that kind of looks like the little dipper constellation.

(are you fascinated yet?)

3. my friend lori pointed out that i didn't have a number three when i initially published this post. so, i guess my number three is that i have an attention to details friend named lori. (she's also cool and funny. and we like to have coffee/waffle dates.)

4. i love to craft. my favorite medium is paper craft, but i also make jewelry and other random crafty things like cake/cupcake stands made out of candlestick holders and pretty dishes. check it.

{photo credit: me}
5. i drink approximately 13 gallons of coffee a day.

6. i really enjoy running/working out/being active. i've done several 5Ks and 10Ks, a sprint triathlon, and, most recently, a half marathon. sometimes, the training is. not. fun. but race day is the BEST. it makes all of my training days worth it. i hope to become employed very soon so i can afford to do this in august. 

7. i sell my cards, jewelry, and crafts at swank coffee shop in downtown southern pines, nc. co-owners petra and jessica are best friends. they opened up the place in 2008, and they outgrew their first store in about a year. it is the best place to go if you're looking for a handmade gift or if you want to get a great dirty chai. find them on facebook, and tell them you know me. they will squeal with delight. 

{photo credit: me}
8. i'm kindofsortof of a music snob because, while i like artists like fleet foxes and ray lamontagne, i also like justin bieber. a lot. 

9. i have the greatest small group ever. these girls have been one of my biggest blessings since moving to raleigh. look how much fun they are. fun and cute. and mostly single.

{photo credit: me}
10. i have a huge sweet tooth. if it's made with sugar, butter, and/or chocolate, get out of my way. 

what about you? what would be some of the things you would include on a list of 10 things about yourself?


  1. Lacey, I love that you've started a blog! :-) I have long coveted some of the cards you've made, and I'm glad to be able to see another one of your creative outlets. :-)

  2. thanks, ashley! now that i have my own blog, i'm going to start following yours. i'm very new to this, but it's really fun! turns out, i love talking about myself.

  3. I would start by having a number 3 on my list of 10 things. After that I would probably say that while coffee isn't really my thing (because it eats your insides) I also enjoy lists. Especially abstract lists. For instance, the list of things I hate. I will share that.

    1) Caterpillars
    2) The wind
    3) throwing up (I know. Gross)
    4) Neck Ties
    5) Telephones that aren't for me but I have to answer
    6) Getting wet when I'm not already wet

    Other than that, I guess I'm cool, but you'd have to ask someone who knows me to know for sure.

    You're life, so far, is pretty darn interesting. I apologize that my blog is less than interesting, not even about me or my life, and explains next to nothing while providing no pictures. I suppose that actaully says a lot about me, but who knows?

  4. Love this. Your list should also include your career as the creator of the cutting-edge underground publication New News. "Thankfully no one was hurt...but somebody died." - Piglet

  5. So, um... hi. It's possible that you and I were twins separated at birth. For realsies... your list sounds a lot like me except my freckles are in the shape of midwestern states. Let's dig into our family trees just to make sure we aren't secret sisters. :)


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