Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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"woman was born to create. in creating she becomes herself, accomplishes her destiny. to create is not merely to produce a work, it is to give out ones own individuality." -jeanne de vietinghoff

yeah, de vietinghoff, preach it. when an artist makes something, the main purpose is not necessarily to make another thing. the process of making and creating and crafting is sometimes the most important, the most therapeutic. it's during this time that i discover my personal crafting style or look. when i make a greeting card, sometimes it takes me an hour just to figure out what color combinations i want to use. it's all a part of the process.

i have more recently been teaching myself how to make earrings, and it's FUN. i get to play with wire cutters and tiny pliers and even tinier beads that i like to knock out of their containers and spill all over our carpet.

there is a great little shop in downtown raleigh that i frequent, well, frequently.

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ornamenta is a craft lovers paradise. they have a huge assortment of beads, scrap booking supplies, craft tools, yards and yards of pretty ribbons and lace, cards, and books. i have no idea how they fit all of their great stuff into such a small space, but they make it work. my favorite item they "carry" is a glass canister full of (free) chocolate kisses. um, OK.

i went in last week to "look around" and ended up coming home with a paper bag full of gorgeous beads. take a look!

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

i haven't started crafting with them, yet. i'm still in the honeymoon stage. i have them sitting in a pretty dish, and i just look at them and swoon.


  1. Hey Lacey, I'm still here ;-) I did not comment on the cookie post in fear that you would make me some. They looked divine!

    I LOVE Ornamentea. I had a jewelry making season a few years ago under the infuence of Denise. I really did enjoy it and still have the stuff. Heck, I have ALL the stuff I have ever brought home. Evidently, there's no way out of my house! I do plan to play in the beads again one day.

    I like what you're up to here.

  2. haha. you're a smart woman to not have commented on the cookie post. how about we get together for a beading adventure? yup!


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