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Sunday, May 22, 2011

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yay! thank you to those who commented on friday's blog post. i love all of your comments, so you are all winners. ALL WINNERS!

kami and carrie,
next small group. be there. i will have cookies for you.

june 5th-8th (ish). my apartment. be there. i will have cookies for you.

dominique and "george" aka alex,
send me your mailing addies, and i will bake ya'll up some reeeeeal nice cookies.

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what have you been up to this weekend? have you been insanely busy or did you have a chance to just sit and relax? mine was filled with totes the best hun cal fro yo, yard saling with my college roommate (crazy awesome stuff), baseball, ben and jerry's, laying out at the pool (i will not be the color of copy paper this summer), church, hanging out with friends, and being lazy. winners all around! 

one more thing. check out this playlist by brooke fraser and cary brothers. i went to their concert a few weeks ago, and it was stellar. brooke is gorgeous, has an accent, and can sing like an angel. i love her, and i hate her.  


  1. Meh. I missed the cookies. LOL

  2. I just bought Brooke Fraser's old CD "Albertine." It's literally the bomb. Not literally, but it is awesome.


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