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Monday, May 16, 2011

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well, hey.

look who joined blogworld. (meee!) not that i was resisting. more like procrastinating. i had intentions. good ones, too. but it was easier to think about it than to actually do it. fortunately, this thing called unemployment happened to me (have you heard of it?) and has given me a lot of free time to craft, browse etsy and to read blog after blog after blog. many of my friends and artists whom i admire have their own blogs where they chronicle their lives, their crafts, their hobbies. i have a life and crafts and hobbies. maybe i can have a blog that will speak to someone's heart? i hope so!

why humming right along? i think the term best describes my life. here i am, a 26 year old semi-adult, who is not living an extravagant life but just living, just humming right along, and loving it. i'm living on my own in the "big city" of raleigh, i have a wonderful church, a very supportive group of friends and a love for the creative and the crafty. pretty simple, but it works for me.

i'm very excited to share my crafts, music discoveries and inspirations with you. i have no idea what my "blogging style" is or exactly how many times a week i will be posting. i don't have plans (yet) to have "music mondays" or "thought for the day thursdays." i want to see where this blog takes me on its own, and i think my postings will evolve (for the better, hopefully) as i go. i can guarantee lots of self-depricating humor. lucky you.

start slow and taper off, right?


  1. I can't wait to see where this little journey of blogging takes you!! Excited to be along for the ride! :)

  2. thank you miss carrie! i'm about to follow you and your awesome blog. thanks for being on my support team. :-)

  3. i see potential here...can't wait to see what you have to share.

    hey, we follow some of the same creatives. i love design sponge and how about orange. do you know funkyjunkinteriors? missmustardseed? apronthriftgirl?

    maybe i will get inspired to get my blog on one day....

  4. oooh! i don't know any of those blogs you mentioned. i'm going to give them a look see. thanks! i'm going to follow you too. :-)

  5. Today you commented on my blog. What you didn't expect, I imagine, was that I would come to your blog and read EVERY. SINGLE. POST. Oh, and comment on most of them... I simply cannot help it, you are super awesome. Just lettin' ya know.


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