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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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mmm this is a good month already. the temp hasn't been above 70 degrees since saturday. kick rocks, summer! right now, i have the windows in our apartment flung wide open and our porch sliding door is all the way open. this is a perfect set-up for a bad man/serial killer to scale our apartment building and get right in. come on in! everything is unlocked, and i'm sitting here in my pajamas!

i realize i've been talking a lot a lot about the weather. i think the past four or five posts have mentioned something about the fact that i love fall. too much? should i curb my enthusiasm? actually, it doesn't really matter what you think. i was just asking to be polite. on this side of my computer, i just rolled my eyes at you. onward to the music!

* october mix *

the wolves : ben howard

beautiful goodbye : drew holcomb and the neighbors

haunted : leagues

chairlift : bruises

dead hearts : stars

lovesick : sweet talk radio

mississippi : train

off we go : trent dabbs

sleep : daniella mason

autumn fallin' : jaymay

elephant gun : beirut

the getaway : athlete

obey your guns : matrimony

happy listening! if you open the windows in your house to let the cool air in, just make sure you have something to protect yourself with. like a cup of scalding hot coffee. burglars hate hot coffee in the eyes.

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