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Sunday, October 2, 2011

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oh my. what a wonderful weekend at home. 
a fun (but cold5k race.
post-race coffee at swank.
autumnfest festivities in downtown southern pines. 
teriyaki chicken on a stick for a mere $3.
 shopping and sbux with ames.
homemade grilled pizzas and chocolate mess birthday cake.
 new nail polish and diy manicures.
pictionary madness.
smores over an open flame.
good friends.

and all of this was enjoyed in delicious 60 degree weather. 
can it be friday again so we can do it all over? 

how was your weekend? were you busy with plans or 
did you get a chance to lounge around in your bathrobe? 
i'm lounging in mine right now. it's very fluffy and very pink.

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  1. I have a very VERY wonderful weekend with my amazing rooms! You forgot to mention in your post that my car Rhonda took her last breath and that you came and saved my Sunday afternoon and my life!


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