the lovely list. part eight.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

{photo credit: me}

valentine's day! 

baking two batches of cookies for my co-workers. they love me/hate me. 

getting checks in the mail. this money is burning a hole in my wallet. must. go. shopping. NOW. 

{photo credit: me}

my sweet friend and co-worker emily surprised me at work one morning with my favorite sbux drink. americano, straight black. and these heart cups? please. i can't handle this cuteness. 

a very long and very hilly run with liz. at one point i considered rolling myself down one of the hills to save some energy. 

{photo credit: me}

going on a cleaning rampage and loading up four bags full of stuff to give away. any takers? you haul. 

a staff meeting with catered lunch and dessert from foster's market.

{photo credit: me}

book/magazine/catalogue envelopes. lots of em. 

a fun fro yo date with my small group girls. 

this video. bahahaha. oh, dave. 

finding lots of new, free muzak online.

dinner/movie date with my roommate and channing tatum. the boy can't act, but he can sure look good. he looks good really well.

{photo credit: me}

a sweet little birthday card from anthropologie with a 15% coupon inside. maybe i'll be able to afford one bobby pin with a cute bauble on it?

what's lovely, ya'll?

linking up here! holler. 


  1. i want all that stuff!!!(specially since i prollybought most of it)

  2. Stopping over from the link-up. SO NICE to meet another lady who likes her coffee black! It's the only way to drink it and definitely blesses me several times a day.


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