next to me

Friday, February 24, 2012

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oh, our futures were written with crayons in coloring books
it was misspelled and outside the lines and we loved how it looked
like the crooked hem of your favorite childhood dress
and the holes in my jeans from years of carelessness
i know since we've grown, we ache for those memories

honestly, nothing's even compared to you next to me, next to me

when the words came to you for the first time, 
you knew you were hooked
and the pride that you felt at the last page of your first book
and the bravery i forced when i sang to an audience of three
well, it took a million wrong notes just to find a single melody and key
i know since we've grown we plea for clarity

honestly, nothing's ever made sense til you were next to me, 
next to me

if time is money, then i'll spend it all for you
i will buy you flowers with the minutes we outgrew
i'll turn hours into gardens, planted just for us to take
i'll be reckless with my days, building castles in your name
since we've grown, we long for concrete things

honestly, nothing's felt so sure than when you were next to me, 
next to me

so lets cut down the red tape and gather up the pieces of our youth
cause there's nothing in this world we can't fix 
with some scissors and glue.

-next to me by sleeping at last

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